Issue No. 166

From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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The end of the school year is a time of celebration, and late last week our community came together for our junior and senior prize-givings and Carols on the Quad.

In the week leading up to these events, boys in Years 9 and 10 enjoyed six days of activities outside the classroom – with Year 9 students on camp and participating in outdoor education, and Year 10 students involved in community service projects in a range of settings, coordinated by Volunteering Canterbury and Assistant Principal – Community Engagement & Special Projects Neil Porter. Neil has also been busy preparing for the second Sony Camp at College from Saturday 7–Monday 9 December, which provides a unique respite programme for children with special needs. The children – aka the campers – stay on campus, cared for by students from College and St Margaret’s College. Such activities reflect our intention to ensure more of our boys have access to such life-affirming service experiences.

2019 Service Week 2
2019 Service Week 3
2019 Service Week 1
2019 Service Week 4
2019 Service Week 6
2019 Service Week 5

Carols on the Quad is an annual highlight – made even more special this year as it featured the premiere of our new waiata “Whakamanawa Ki Te Atua”, composed especially for College by the Puanaki family and made possible thanks to a generous gift from the Rolleston family. I would also like to acknowledge the commitment of Organist Nick Sutcliffe and Director of Music Robert Aburn, who so beautifully prepared the choir for this performance.

Many things contribute to the success of prize-giving – the boys playing musical interludes, the wonderful citations prepared by Deputy Principal Rob Donaldson, the demeanour of our prize winners and the palpable sense of pride in our community. I would also like to acknowledge Teacher–Librarian Lisa Trundley-Banks, Classics teacher Olivia Austin and Director of Sport Rob Clarke who prepare the prizes for presentation, as well as College’s communications team who prepare all associated documentation.

At prize-giving I had the honour of farewelling Board Chair Dr Ian Town, who has stepped down after four years in the role, having been a member of the Board since 2011. Ian has overseen a modernisation of the Board in both its practice and membership and has been a driving force through a period of renewal for College. Suffice to say his exceptional leadership has enabled College to see itself honestly and openly in a period of significant challenge and change. His commitment to our For the boys. For our future. campaign was extraordinary, and his firm hand on the tiller has set the school on the right path toward its future. I know I, along with other members of the Board and Executive, have directly benefited from Ian’s wisdom, experience and counsel and I would like to thank Ian for his years of service. His successor, Deputy Board Chair Hugh Lindo, will step up at the beginning of 2020.

We are well into the process of developing a feasible new plan that reflects the revised scope of our new Sporting Excellence, Health & Wellbeing facilities to be built at the far end of Upper. I look forward to sharing more news next year.

The future is exciting. But as we look forward, it is also important to look back and consider the experiences that shape us as people and as a community. In my prize-giving speech, I reflected on one of the most significant watershed events in Christchurch history:

"The terror attack in Christchurch on Friday 15 March, when a white supremacist extremist killed 51 innocent people at prayer, has – in many ways – cast its long shadow over the experience of this 2019 year. How we felt, how we reacted and what we take from that day forward into our lives, set all other events in this College and city into perspective.

“My challenge to you is to take the experience of Christ’s College and a deep reflection on the events of 15 March and make a good life for yourself and those you love now and will come to love in the future. My advice is to be the intentional designer of your own life in a way that serves you and the community of which you are a part. Too often what is heard is complaint and blame attribution about what is happening in one’s own circle of influence, rather than gratefulness for all that one has and a clearly understood purpose for self.

“Whether you are leaving or staying today your future, your place in the world, your relationships, your wellbeing and your legacy is your responsibility. Be informed, be thoughtful, be kind and by your own considered actions use your strengths to be your best self."

It is with this thought that I wish you all a very Merry Christmas – and I look forward to the 2020 year to come.

2019 Carols on the Quad 1
2019 Carols on the Quad 2
2019 Carols on the Quad 3
2019 Carols on the Quad 4
2019 Carols on the Quad 6
2019 Carols on the Quad 5
2019 Carols on the Quad 7
2019 Carols on the Quad 9
2019 Carols on the Quad 8
2019 Carols on the Quad 10
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Latest News & Events

Junior Prize Winners

Year 9Year 10

Special Prizes

TS Audeau
LDC Botherway
MN Brett
DM Bridgman
NL Brown
GH Couper
JS Drury
OA Elworthy
MWB Falvey
TA Foster
OC Glossop
S Jang
EL Kepple
JH Lange
B Li
JH Mckenzie
JEF McKeown
LAE McVicar
EJ Nye
MDK O'Connor
GFC Pavey
GM Roadley
GD Robertson
GCN Rookes
LA Short
AG Stead
WAH Sudell
T Watanabe
ARL Welsh
LP Whiteside
NJ Wilson
LA Wiseman

TPD Butler
Q Chen
K Chiang
JS Clements
HG Duston
Y Elnahas
HAR Falls-Anderson
AW Gormack
OP Gosling
JWR Griffin
RL Harnett
ID Heap
CJ Higgins
CJ Huntley
LT James
OCR Jones
HKA King
AJB Lloyd
RN Macdonald Jaramillo
AB Mahon
HM Murison
WHB Pryor
AP Scott
TC Seeto
SE Smith
KL Thiele
FCD Topham
GT van Leeuwen
HD Vincent
BS Ward
TS Wijesinghe
HAO Wynn Thomas
Y Zhang

Christ’s College Interhouse Competition Trophy
Somes House

Junior Sportsman of the Year
JT Braithwaite

2019 Junior Prize giving 1
2019 Junior Prize giving 2
2019 Junior Prize giving 3
2019 Junior Prize giving 5
2019 Junior Prize giving 4
2019 Junior Prize giving 6
2019 Junior Prize giving 8
2019 Junior Prize giving 7

Senior Prize Winners

Year 11Year 12Year 13

OJ Aynsley
RE Azlan
JP Belcher
L Bethell
JE Book
HJ Briscoe
GP Clarke
TA Clarke
SH Cranstone
JM Currie
EPW Davidson
RGT Fitzgerald
GC Gearry
HJ Greenwood
LD Hitchings
JK Hodges
JB Huo
ST Idiens
SC Kelly
H Kim
JP Kinley
HH Koch
JD Lee
CG Manson
GE Mason
CT McCarthy
HT McCulloch
NR McKenzie
DS Pahalawatta
N Prachuabmoh
NJ Shearer
CW Tellick
HE Trolove
JAW Wood
T Xie

LJR Adams
FF Anderson
GH Anderson
MB Audeau
RRM Baird
CN Chubb
BM Cornell
BP Davis
JTB Drage
DG Edmond
HW Eglinton
BA Evans
ML Gath
MJ Gibb
ZT Gimblett
EJ Grant
WB Hutchinson
M Kawamura
LR Kitchen
FT Laing
RMG McKeown
JT Mortensen
OHJ Nott
BC Pownall
KJ Salt
GD Simpson
A Vraich
TG Ward
JW Wells
NJ Wilks
JH Yee
BW Young
F Zhou
JR Annand
CJ Bassett
TW Bassett
MA Bayley
EN Bayliss
TJC Beale
MA Biraben-Clough
OH Brakenridge
F Brokenshire
CW Bushell
R Chiang
LD Clark
TD Cross
TJ Davidson
JMS Elvy
ZW Gallagher
JES Glass
MRJ Goulter
TC Graham
LLB Harper
AE Hemens
MA Heywood
GT Hutchinson
CLK Ireland
TA Kelly
GLC Lamb
C Lee
NJ Lidstone
RRC Limbrick
JHT Lindo
AJ Lynch
H Ma
TR Macfarlane
MN Marsh
GS Matheson
JH Mattingley
S Miyake
H Nakajima
RA Oorschot
LJ Quigley
OH Rees
TM Rose
WJ Schneideman
FM Smith
E Stevenson
MT Surveyor
MI Todd
AP Todhunter
ML Toth
TF Vincent
T Whitaker
Special Prizes
Christ’s College Interhouse Competition Trophy

Somes House

Senior Sportsman of the Year
LD Clark

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service
JR Annand

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service
MA Biraben-Clough

The HM Chrystall Prize for All-round Merit in Sport and Scholarship
NJ Lidstone

The Somes Prize for Outstanding Overall Contribution to the Arts and General Scholarship
MI Todd

The Maling Memorial Prize for Outstanding Service to the School
MA Heywood

Runner-up to the Wacher Prize for Academic Head of School
F Brokenshire

The Wacher Prize for Academic Head of School
MT Surveyor

The Head Prefect’s Prize and The Ormsby Memorial Medal
ZW Gallagher

2019 Senior Prize giving 1
2019 Senior Prize giving 2
2019 Senior Prize giving 3
2019 Senior Prize giving 5
2019 Senior Prize giving 4
2019 Senior Prize giving 6
2019 Senior Prize giving 8
2019 Senior Prize giving 7
2019 Leavers Service 2
2019 Leavers Service 1
2019 Leavers Service 3
2019 Leavers Service 5
2019 Leavers Service 6
2019 Leavers Service 4
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