Issue No. 166

From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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When December arrives it’s time for celebration, and late last week our community came together for our junior and senior prize-givings and Carols on the Quad.

Carols on the Quad is an annual highlight for boys, staff, families and the wider community. This year’s event was held in perfect conditions and I would like to acknowledge the commitment of Organist Nick Sutcliffe and Director of Music Robert Aburn who prepared the choir so well.

Prize-givings are always memorable – from the musical interludes, to the wonderful citations prepared by Deputy Principal Rob Donaldson, to the demeanour of our prize winners and the palpable sense of pride in our community. I would also like to acknowledge Teacher-Librarian Lisa Trundley-Banks, Classics teacher Olivia Austin and Director of Sport Rob Clarke, who prepare the prizes for presentation, as well as College’s communications team who prepare all associated documentation.

On Friday we held our special Year 13 Leavers' Chapel Service to acknowledge and celebrate their five years at College, followed by the Leavers' Ball on Saturday at Wigram Air Force Museum. I made special mention of this group because they arrived at College when I did and we have journeyed together. Two wonderful events celebrated with parents, boys and staff.

In the midst of all this joy we were acutely aware of the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care which is looking into what happened to children, young people and vulnerable adults in State and faith-based care between 1950–1999.

On Monday the witness hearings included the very upsetting statement of a former student of Christ’s College. He detailed an historic incident of abuse that he endured from other students during his time boarding at the school in the 1970s. We were grateful to have recently met with our Old Boy to personally offer our sincere apologies and determine how we can support him. Both Board of Governors Chair Hugh Lindo and the Bishop of Christchurch and Warden of Christ’s College the Rt Rev. Dr Peter Carrell attended Monday’s hearing.

College, like many schools and organisations, has undergone immense change over the years. We have clear protocols and policies in place for dealing with such complaints today. We do not tolerate any form of abuse.

You know that the wellbeing of the boys is our primary concern.

We fully support the work and purpose of the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

If you have any concerns please come and talk with me, or contact me by email. For further information about the Royal Commission of Inquiry visit

While we look forward to an enlightened and exciting future, it is also important to look back and consider the experiences that shape us as people and as a community.

The terror attack of 15 March 2019 serves to remind us to make a good life for ourselves and those we love now and will come to love in the future. My advice is to be the intentional designer of your own life in a way that serves you and the community of which you are a part. Too often what is heard is complaint and blame attribution about what is happening in one’s own circle of influence, rather than gratefulness for all that one has, and a clearly understood purpose for self.

Your future, your place in the world, your relationships, your wellbeing and your legacy is your responsibility. Be informed, be thoughtful, be kind and by your own considered actions use your strengths to be your best self.

It is with this thought that I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and safe holidays. I am looking forward to the 12 months ahead.

2020 COTQ 1
2020 COTQ 2
2020 COTQ 3
2020 COTQ 4
2020 COTQ 5
2020 COTQ 6
2020 COTQ 7
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Junior Prize Winners

Year 9Year 10

Special Prizes

BM Beattie
MJ Charteris
OG Compton-Moen Denham
AC De Luca
TR Dunlop
MJD Flint
SW Hales
HJN Helmore
BW Lamberg
FJ McCormack-Young
DC McCrostie
FJR Meates
BA Nation
TG Rawstron
AB Roberts
MP Sedze
FT Sharpe
NJ Sharr
WAA Studholme
HC Vaughan
AJ Whitteker
NF Yee
MRP Young
R Zhao
STX Zhao

ZLT Adams
AA Aitken
BK Armstrong
LF Barrett
CRH Beale
NA Book
GS Brakenridge
MN Brett
DM Bridgman
GR Clarke
GH Couper
EI Davidson
JS Drury
OA Elworthy
TA Foster
AW Gifford
C Gong
HJ Goodwin
EI Grey
JM Hooker
S Jang
RA Johnson
JG Kelly
LD Kim
JH Lange
A Madondo
JEF McKeown
LAE McVicar
FWH Melhuish
CBR Poulter
GM Roadley
GD Robertson
FMJ Ryan
LA Short
BN Staples
AG Stead
JJH Sutherland
ARL Welsh
LP Whiteside
NJ Wilson
LA Wiseman

Christ’s College Interhouse Competition Trophy
Julius House

Junior Sportsman of the Year
NA Book

Charles Upham Award for Character
FJ McCormack-Young
BH Stanton

2020 Prize giving JNR 1
2020 Prize giving JNR 2
2020 Prize giving JNR 3
2020 Prize giving JNR 4
2020 Prize giving JNR 5
2020 Prize giving JNR 6
2020 Prize giving JNR 7
2020 Prize giving JNR 8

Senior Prize Winners

Year 11Year 12Year 13

HR Adam
OH Aikawa
JC Beaglehole
RJC Beavan
BJ Breitmeyer
RC Brooks
CH Burdon
Q Chen
TWM Currie
Y Elnahas
MJ Gillard
OP Gosling
JWR Griffin
RL Harnett
CJ Higgins
JA Higginson
AB Mahon
WJC Morris
JW Moss
HM Murison
JTM Pfahlert
GJC Ryan
HR Sharr
OTP Todhunter
BGL Vaughan
TS Wijesinghe
SS Winefield
Y Zhang

IC Aitken
RE Azlan
JJ Barr
JP Belcher
TW Beresford
JE Book
TA Clarke
JM Currie
EPW Davidson
RJ Doull
GC Gearry
HJ Greenwood
CJ Hackston
MX Hamilton
S Hari
JK Hodges
ST Idiens
SC Kelly
H Kim
JP Kinley
JD Lee
JL Luxon
CG Manson
CT McCarthy
HT McCulloch
TP McEwan
DJAM Metherell
K Oikawa
N Prachuabmoh
MPN Rookes
BH Shearer
TAJ Stephens
FAH Sudell
HHP Taylor
CW Tellick
T Xie

LJR Adams
GH Anderson
FF Anderson
MB Audeau
SRL Averill
RRM Baird
GN Chaffey
CN Chubb
GW Coats
BM Cornell
BP Davis
DG Edmond
HWW Eglinton
BA Evans
ML Gath
MJ Gibb
ZT Gimblett
CWB Graham
EJ Grant
K Houston
WB Hutchinson
LR Kitchen
WJD Koko
A Kwak
FT Laing
PM Luisetti
EJ Manera
TE McClean
FGJ Miller
AG Morgan
HT Mossman
CRW Owens
F Sa
JJ Satterthwaite
WG Sleigh
TDJ Tothill
A Vraich
JW Wells
NJ Wilks
JH Yee
BW Young
F Zhou

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
BP Davis
DG Edmond
CWB Graham

Special Prizes

Christ’s College Interhouse Competition Trophy
Julius House

Senior Sportsman of the Year

Charles Upham Award for Character
JWR Griffin
N Prachuabmoh
MJ Durant
JW Wells

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service
SRL Averill

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service
DG Edmond

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service
JH Yee

The HM Chrystall Prize for All-round Merit in Sport and Scholarship
FF Anderson

The Somes Prize for Outstanding Overall Contribution to the Arts and General Scholarship
BP Davis

The Maling Memorial Prize for Outstanding Service to the School
A Vraich

Runner-up to the Wacher Prize for Academic Head of School

The Wacher Prize for Academic Head of School
HWW Eglinton

The Head Prefect’s Prize and The Ormsby Memorial Medal
DG Edmond

2020 Prize giving SNR 1
2020 Prize giving SNR 2
2020 Prize giving SNR 3
2020 Prize giving SNR 4
2020 Prize giving SNR 5
2020 Prize giving SNR 6
2020 Prize giving SNR 7
2020 Prize giving SNR 8
2020 Leavers Service 3
2020 Leavers Service 4
2020 Leavers Service 5
2020 Leavers Service 7
2020 Leavers Service 8
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