Issue No. 166

From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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A new year has begun, and College can both reflect and look forward with satisfaction.

This week we received our academic results for the 2020 year. When considered against the nature of that year, we should be very proud of all that our community achieved, reflected in both individual and collective outcomes. I congratulate Nicole Billante and our staff for what was provided for all boys at every level of academic ability, and I acknowledge the boys for their efforts across so many subjects. I appeal to you to read Nicole’s academic overview of 2020 NCEA and NZQA Scholarships within this edition of In Black & White and I would like to take the opportunity to make special mention of John-Paul Lay for his outstanding achievement as a 2020 NZQA Premier Award winner. John-Paul was one of 12 students in New Zealand to achieve such accolade. Additionally, he was top subject award winner in New Zealand in Chemistry. Henry Eglinton and Matthew Gibb have also achieved at the highest level having received Outstanding Scholars' Awards.

When these results are combined with other aspects of our ‘performance’ across the co-curricular domain in 2020, I am in awe of all that was accomplished. Again, I want to thank the community for their combined efforts in support of each other. Over the past five years I have often spoken to the boys about their contribution to an ‘atmosphere of excellence’ and how they benefit both from their contribution of encouragement and goodwill in supporting others, and from the aspirational culture that is then created. I expect that College creates a culture where ‘the rising tide lifts all boats’ (no matter their shape, size or sail choice) and believe this is very much the key to our sustainability and the value we add to each boy’s educational experience.

2021 is a new strategic phase for the school and when welcoming our new Year 9 cohort last Monday I reminded them that they would be the graduating class of 2025 – our 175th anniversary and a great time of celebration for us all. The College 175th Committee has met to consider what all that might mean for us both at a community and institutional level. If any member of the College community has anything to add to our deliberations, please simply make direct contact with me. We are seeking thoughts and ideas from all perspectives. One such example is collecting the plan from The Hutchins School in Tasmania, a fine Anglican school for boys which operates in a style similar to College, that celebrates its 175th anniversary this year.

Our virtues are the way we do things at College and we particularly rely on respect, compassion, honesty and justice when dealing with internal disputes, discipline and processes as the fundamental way we engage with each other and any problems we might face. These virtues are also the standard I expect of all members of our wider community when they deal with staff and each other across aspects of College life. We have appropriate processes and policies in place to deal with dissonance at any level and we expect respectful and appropriate engagement. I appeal to every member of our community to avail themselves of our virtues. They are the standard to which we are accountable, and they represent our expectations of each other at all times.

Important changes to accessing the Schoolbox Parent Portal

Since 2018 we’ve had a dual approach to access the Parent Portal – via an APP or web browser. Due to technical issues impacting customer experience the independent APP is no longer meeting our needs. Therefore, the only way to access the Schoolbox Parent Portal is to use a web browser and go to via your phone or device

What you need to do?
Please delete the APP immediately off your phone or tablet, this APP is being removed from all APP Stores. Please click here to access the updated Schoolbox Parent Portal Guide. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please use the following:

  • Forgot my password (this will automatically email you) – use the link on the Parent Portal login page to reset your password

Any other queries should be directed to Data Systems Administrator Kerry McLorinan – or 03 364 6850

Annual Appeal 2020

The Christ’s College 2020 Annual Appeal has now closed, and I am thrilled to report that this year we raised the outstanding sum of $94,500. Last year’s Annual Appeal was specifically to raise money for those in our community who were directly affected by Covid-19. The funds are intended to support a number of families who would not have been able to continue to send their sons to College. As a result, through the second half of last year we supported a number of families who found themselves impacted by the virus.

The balance of these funds is being maintained by College and we are now directly requesting that if you need support or help because your circumstances have changed due to Covid, that you contact the school directly to discuss. Please contact Director of Finance Rob McFarlane –

I want to sincerely thank everyone who donated to the appeal and I look forward to sharing the impact your generosity has made on our community.

Boys and Technology – IBSC Parenting Boys Speaker Series

Once again you are invited to join parents worldwide for the online IBSC Parenting Boys Speaker Series. The next session, on 2–7 March is on Boys and Technology, and features Shimi Kang. Get expert insight into cutting-edge neuroscience that reveals a new understanding around how we metabolise experiences with technology that will lay the foundation for lasting success in our digital world. Harvard-trained psychiatrist Shimi Kang uses her new book to show how to help boys build healthy habits and make smart choices that maximise the benefits of tech – and minimise its risks. Get more details.

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Boarding Matters

Staff Ben Vink 8793 2222 SQ

Ben Vink
Deputy Principal – Student Care

Change at the helm

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to take on the role of Assistant Principal – Boarding and Immerse & Inspire from Darrell Thatcher. I’m honoured to thank Darrell for the work he put into this role since his appointment in 2016. In 2016 the Australian Boarding Schools’ Association was commissioned to review boarding at Christ’s College. As part of that review a number of recommendations were made. Darrell has worked hard, in a calm and steady manner, over the last four years to implement those changes. The result has seen boarding at College move from strength to strength and place us in a far better position than when he started. I wish him well as he takes on his own new challenge.

A little about me. While the Flower’s House community are pretty familiar with who I am, the School and Richards House communities will know little. I was born here in Christchurch, but spent a number of years of my childhood living in small rural towns in North Canterbury and Otago. Dad was a teacher too, which may be where my interest in education developed. When our family returned to Christchurch I threw myself into sport – cricket, rugby and tennis – as well as dabbling in music and drama.

After studying at the University of Canterbury in History, Political Science and English, my desire was to train as a teacher and travel. I spent the best part of four years basing myself in Scotland and the Netherlands so I could backpack through Europe and beyond. I am married to Melissa and have two children, Millie who is 12 and Archie who is three.

By coincidence my career has seen me teaching at all boys’ schools, such as Timaru Boys’ High School and Christchurch Boys’ High School. I have always had a keen interest in the pastoral care roles which is one of the attractions of this role. I believe that the relationships that are forged in boarding between staff and the students are incredibly important. As a parent, I understand the responsibility that you have given to us as staff to help your children grow and flourish. One of the challenges that we have as we move forward in boarding here at College is to continue to grow those relationships. The benefits are so important. They help to create environments of emotional safety that then provide the security for the boys as they settle in and explore all that Christ’s College can provide.

This term is transitional for this role. At present I am primarily responsible for continuing in the role of Housemaster at Flower’s House. However, I have also taken on the bulk of the responsibilities in the Assistant Principal ­– Boarding role. Darrell Thatcher will be helping out at times throughout the term. Obviously your primary point of contact is your Housemaster. However, please do not hesitate to make contact with me if you wish to discuss any matters around boarding.

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Curriculum News

Staff Nicole Billante

Nicole Billante
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

Students make a school

It was such a delight to see the boys arriving at school last week. As one of my own career mentors often says, “a school isn’t really a school until it is full of students”. Despite spending half of January preparing for the year ahead, it was the buzz of boys moving between classes and competing in athletics’ heats on Upper that signalled we’re underway with 2021.

Thanks to the timing of Easter, we have a shorter than normal Term 1. What this means for the boys is that they need to be on top of their studies right from the start. Assessments will begin before we know it, as teachers attempt to harness the learning of the first few weeks. These first few days have been about settling in, but now it’s about stepping up.

What does that actually mean? It means getting to class on time, coming prepared with all the necessary materials, and listening to the teachers every lesson. That seems pretty obvious, but it’s easy to start at a slow speed after a lovely relaxing break. The most important thing I ask of every boy is that they give every task their best effort. As I’ve mentioned several times before, assessment is only the end product of weeks of work. Trying right from the start is the key to successful results.

As philosopher Will Durant said last century, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ Let’s start this year off right and make active learning our habit in every class in 2021.

NCEA results for 2020
With the release of NCEA results at the end of January – always an anxious time for students and teachers – we were delighted to see the excellent results our boys achieved in a disrupted year. Looking at our statistics, the boys achieved at rates higher than previous years (even accounting for adjustments made for Covid-19). I always like to look at the measure of Excellence endorsements as shown below as this is a testament to the students who have met the highest standard possible. Level 2 is at the highest endorsement level in the last 10 years. Well done to all the boys who achieved in their NCEA last year. Please click here for a full list of Endorsements for 2020.

Excellence Endorsement
Level 1Level 2Level 3
Christ's College38.4%37.7%28.2%
All decile 10 boys' schools29%28.4%20.8%

NZQA Scholarship Academic Awards for 2020
Congratulations to those students who achieved outstanding results in the NZQA Scholarship examinations in 2020. College was rewarded with 49 scholarships in all. A special mention must be made of John-Paul Lay for achieving eight scholarships including taking Top Scholar for Chemistry for New Zealand.

Scholarship Recipients

John-Paul Lay
English (Outstanding)
Chemistry (Outstanding) (Top Scholar)
Media Studies (Outstanding)
Classical Studies

Matthew Gibb
Chemistry (Outstanding)
Health and Physical Education (Outstanding)

Henry Eglinton
English (Outstanding)
Statistics (Outstanding)

Dominic Edmond

Callum Hackston

Thomas Jones
Health and Physical Education

Andrew Kwak

Charles Owens
English (Outstanding)

Jamie Yee

Fletcher Anderson

Robert Baird

Qiushi Chen

Charles Chubb

George Coats

James Currie

George Gearry

Isaac Heap

Eden Pidgeon

Daniel Qi

William Simcock

George Simpson

Claude Tellick

Thomas Tothill

Angad Vraich

John Wong

Futian Zhou

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Wellbeing & Positive Education

John Quinn IBW

John Quinn
Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education

Let's start talking

As we start another school year, it is important to remember that new beginnings can set up many emotions for our young people. From the unknown of a new school to the unknown of NCEA, it can all have an impact on how your son is feeling coming back to school. We know that our young men are great at wearing a mask and don’t always give us the truth about how they are feeling.

Many of your young men are “people pleasers” and they will tell us what they think we want to hear. As we start another year with Covid and the uncertainty that brings, it is helpful to take some time to connect with your sons to see how they are feeling about the start of the school year.

Over the last few years we have spoken about relational engagement and your son’s strengths and now is a great time to use these when talking with your son. Moving into a new school or progressing with year groups is a new challenge for all students.

The students will be doing some goal setting in Term 1 and this is an excellent starting point to ask them what they want to achieve this year. This discussion does not need to focus only on academic goals, but other things they want to get out of the year, both inside and outside of the classroom. You can then ask them about the strengths they will need to call on to achieve the goals they have set themselves.

To aide these discussions take a look at School TVs focus this month – Transition to High School

It is also a great time to talk about when you were at school, and to share your experiences and learnings from being a new Year 9 (Form 3) to being a Year 13 (Form 7).

What did you love about school? What subjects did you like/dislike? What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? Share with your son the challenges, worries and hardships you faced while you were at school.

A message from the Health Centre ...

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From the Chaplain

Chapel service launches 2021

We began the year with a staff-only day. This started with a Chapel service. I focused on how we, as staff, are invited to be at our best not only for ourselves, but for the sake of each other, the students, and the wider community. And, similarly, how each student at our school is enabled to be at his best not only for himself but for each other and for the community and world beyond our gates.

On Wednesday, we welcomed new students and staff with a Mihi Whakatau. It was again wonderful to have Pihopa Richard Wallace, the Bishop of Te Waipounamu, lead the welcoming new students. I was honoured and encouraged by the Pihopa when he referred to me as the pou of Christ’s College.

This was followed by a Chapel service. Then, on Friday, we had the induction service for the new prefects. I spoke about virtuous leadership and what we can learn from the many different examples around the world of leadership.

I recently read a wonderful article, A sense of purpose is good for you, about a meta-analysis of 10 studies of over 136,000 people. This showed the scientific evidence that, while diet and exercise are obviously important to a healthy life, having a sense of purpose in life, a sense of meaning in life, is at least as important. This is front and centre at Christ’s College.

I remind you of the 7pm Chapel service this Sunday 14 February which will focus especially on new students and their families. We hope as many of our school community, students and families, who can make it will come, so that our new people get a real taste of what Sunday services are about. Refreshments follow all services.

Sunday 7pm services in Chapel are easy to remember this term:
14 February
28 February
14 March
28 March

I also remind you that if a student wants to be baptised (christened – the words “baptism” and “christening” are used interchangeably), do encourage them to speak to me and we will see if we can organise a simple baptism service. Anglicans recognise baptism in other denominations – and that is mutual.

Religious Education
As you know, we respectfully study six world religions. I hope you have noticed that, until 2 May, there’s a display at the Canterbury Museum titled, Mosque: Faith, Culture, Community. This Saturday, there is a talk about the Evolution of Mosque Architecture.

In thinking about world religions, there is an interesting, sometimes difficult, line between acknowledging and learning about and from world religions and cultures, and inappropriately appropriating important elements from them. I have had a lot to do with Sikhs, but it was not until I was invited by them to wear a turban in their distinctive style that I was delighted to do so. I had worn a turban (for example, when hitchhiking through the Sahara), but it was a quite different style to the particular Sikh way. I would not have thought to put a turban on in their manner without the explicit invitation from these Sikh on what they are calling Turban Day.

My final point on world religions is to highlight a helpful opinion piece last week, The problem with 'peaceful' religions, discussing violence associated with religions – that it is not particular religions that are peaceful or not (look at the terrible violence within Christian history), but people leveraging religion for a violent purpose.

Bosco Turban

Centre for Ethics and Spirituality
On Thursday 18 March from 7.30–9pm in the Chapman Room at Christ’s College, (with the opportunity for questions and discussion, concluded with refreshments), the Chaplain in partnership with the Centre for Wellbeing & Positive Education will present:

Fullness of life
Hauora, positive psychology, and healthy Christian spirituality. This is a free introduction and opportunity to discuss how these three dimensions connect.

Do mark this in your calendar.

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Staff Chris Sellars

Chris Sellars
Careers Advisor

Upcoming careers dates
12 FebruaryYear 13 introductory careers session and Ara Institute of Technology
19 FebruaryYear 12 introductory careers session and Lincoln University
2 March

Victoria University liaison visit

7 MayUniversity of Canterbury liaison visit, Year 13
13 MayCareers Expo, Year 12
14 MayCareers Expo, Year 11
21 MayUniversity of Otago liaison visit, Year 13

Christ's College CareerWise

As advertised last year, the Christ's College careers website, CareerWise is a rich source of information about all things related to career information. Check it out and sign up for weekly alerts here.

Career interviews

Careers talks with Year 13 students have started with Richards House and then I will be working through all the Houses, seeing boys during study periods. If your son (in any year group) needs immediate help, however, please ask him to contact me. I will find a time as soon as possible and will follow-up with you by phone. Year 12 interviews will start in Term 2 and Year 11 interviews in Term 3.

Career sessions

There will be some compulsory careers’ sessions for boys in Years 12 and 13 on various Fridays at 1.05pm throughout the year. This is when liaison officers from the different tertiary providers talk to the boys. Other presentations from tertiary providers held at other times of the week will not be compulsory.

Career view

I recommend all students and parents, regardless of their future university of choice, have a look at the “Career View” resources published by Victoria University of Wellington. Career View gives detailed information about where different subjects can take you in terms of skills and career pathways. Click here for more information.

In Black & White – Careers

I like to present information in In Black & White that I feel is relevant to boys at College and their parents. However, I am aware not all boys read it, so I hope parents will use the information provided as a springboard for investigation, discussion and inspiration, to help their sons as they consider their future. Thank you for your interest. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any suggestions or if you need advice.

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From the Archives

Jane Teal

Christ's College in the 1920's

What was it like to be at Christ’s College in the 1920’s?

Obviously, as this aerial photograph from 1924 shows, the physical surroundings were quite different. There was no Administration Block on the north of the recently opened Dining Hall; Fine Arts and Technology had not been added to the west of Selwyn (then known as Condell’s); there were chimneys on Big School; and neither Jacobs nor the Assembly Hall had been considered. There were extra buildings at the back of School House and the wooden Gymnasium with its ridge turret can be seen in the right-hand corner. The Museum is to the south on Rolleston Avenue and the Arts Centre, that was at that time part of the University of Canterbury, can be seen in Worcester Street.

Christs College Aerial 1924 reduced

The Dining Hall had fewer portraits and the tables have now been turned around to take account of the bow in the floor caused by the 2010-2011 earthquakes.

30 Dining Hall Interior 1920s

It is from Term 3, 1921 that we have the first known photograph of the choir that included staff.

CCPAL 29 26 1 020 edited

Staff L-R seated: H Hudson, RH O’Donel Davis, EC Crosse (Headmaster), S Parr (Chaplain), TWC Tothill, W D Wood
Album 29/26/1

In 1924, 7000 spectators were crammed onto Upper for the First XV to beat Christchurch Boys’ High School 10–6.

Rugby v CBHS 1924

In 1922, the Boat House was opened.

CCPAL 16 25a 030

Photo Album 16/25a

The swimming Sports were held at Corsair Bay during the 1920’s.

CCPAL 50 11 1 028

Photo Album 50/11/1

And the School Song was sung.

Song cover
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The 175th

Jane Teal

The first 175 and a few more…P, Q, R, S and T

Preparations have begun for the 175th celebrations in 2025 and we’d like to know some more about the first 175 boys who attended Christ’s College. Just over 175 names are in the College List up to and including 1862, and there are also those who attended College in Lyttelton. So, over the next few issues of In Black & White, there will be lists of those we’d like to make a connection with. We know that some boys did not have families, but they are included just in case there is a great, great, great, nephew or niece who can help us out. Perhaps you might draw up a family tree and phone the Old Boys’ Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer (03 364 6862) or email it to her at, or email it to the archivist, or post it to the archivist at Private Bag 4900 Christchurch 8140.

Families are gathered together in the following list, except where the information we have is not clear about a family connection. If this is the case, names are listed separately.

Henry, Edward and Frederick PARKERSON


Charles Edward, Thomas Albert, George Septimus and William Physick PHILLIPS

Donald Henry, Ambrose and Geoffrey POTTS

Thomas Charles PREECE

Charles Collwyn and Henry Vernon PRICHARD

Edward Joshua, Frederick and Richard RIDDIFORD

William Guild ROBERTSON



Talbot Brabazon and Henry Alan SCOTT

Henry Lewis SHEERES

Herbert and Frank SHRIMPTON

Arthur Charles SMALE

Thomas SOUTH

John Frederick STANLEY

Silas James and Henry STEDMAN

Augustus and Gerald STRANGMAN

Alfred Edward Chetham STRODE

James and Charles SUTCLIFFE

Thomas Selby TANCRED

Alfred and Henry THOMPSON

George Wood THOMPSON

John James THOMSON



William Henry TRONCHET aka DOBSON

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Latest News & Events

Mihi Whakatau 2021 7

Open doors, open hearts

Good traditions well maintained – Tiakina tika, ngā tikanga tika. The tradition of the mihi whakatau, with its karanga, haka, whaikōrero, waiata, karakia and hongi, is a wonderful way to celebrate the coming together of our whole school community...

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Year 9 First Day 2021 4

Step up the Class of 2025

The class of 2025 filed in to Chapel today for a short ceremony to formalise the beginning of their College education.

Read full article
John Parsons 2021 1

You’re unique, valued and loved

How do you keep safe in a digital world?

Read full article
Prefect Induction 2021 8

New Prefects inducted for 2021

Prefect gowns flowing, the 25 students of the 2021 Prefect group were formally inducted before the whole school today, their families and friends watching on in the College Assembly Hall...

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Kapahaka Breakfast 4

Kapahaka group underway for 2021

Over fruit and croissants, and bacon and eggs the College kapahaka group today sprang into life for 2021.

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Framingham Wine Rowing Fundraiser

The College Rowing Committee is excited to launch the Framingham Wine Rowing Fundraiser, just in time for 2021 rowing season.

This collection of beautiful wines is perfect for those long summer days and will make a fabulous gift for friends and colleagues. Framingham Wines are very generously donating $40 per case sold, to Christ’s College Rowing.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards supporting and developing the Christ’s College rowing squad, to enhance our position as one of New Zealand’s leading schools in boys’ rowing. The purpose of this fundraiser is to help buy new rowing equipment, while also minimising the cost for all participating in the rowing programme.

Wine is purchased in dozens, with mixed cases available if preferred. Cases will be delivered freight free within three days of receiving your order. Click here to view the information sheet.

Orders close on Sunday 21 March 2021.

Please click here to take you to the online order form. Please share this link with friends and family. Your support of our Christ’s College rowers is greatly appreciated!

Noho ora mai

Rowing Committee

Your chance to learn Te Reo Maori

Starting next month College will offer a weekly Te Reo Maori language programme for parents, staff, Old Boys and senior students.

With a limit of 30 spaces, the free 36-week long course will be run by Wananga o Aotearoa and will take place from 6–9pm on Thursdays. There will be face-to-face sessions each fortnight at College with tea, coffee and biscuits provided, while every alternate lesson will be by Zoom, with participants studying from home. There will also be two Saturday workshops.

“This is going to be a fun way of learning Reo Maori in a supportive environment. It is an NZQA Level 1 course for beginners, for which you will get credits. It’s going to be a friendly, fun, learning experience, and not at all scary,” says Dr Mike Field, who is organising the programme.

If you’re interested in being part of this learning opportunity, with its limited spaces, please contact Mike on

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Upcoming Events

11 FebruaryParent Education Evening – Making use of the Parent Portal, 4.30pm and 6.30pm
16 FebruaryNCEA Information Evening for parents, 7pm
25 FebruaryParents' Association Year 9 Welcome Event, 7.30pm


25 FebruaryParents' Association Year 10 Welcome Event, 7.30pm


26 FebruaryCollege Athletics Day Lunch for parents of Dayboys, 12.30pm


2 March–19 May

Community Visits, 6–8pm
18 MarchCentre for Ethics & Spirituality, 7.30pm


19 FebruaryAnnual General Meeting, 4.30pm

19 February

Annual CCOBA Cocktail Party, 5.30pm
20–21 FebruaryReunion Weekend 2021 – 20, 30, 40, 41, 50, 60, 70, 80 Years On


28 FebruaryJoe Studholme Classic Car Rally, 9.30am
6 MarchCCOBA Yacht Race, 12pm


31 MarchMelbourne Branch Dinner, 6.30pm


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