Issue No. 166

From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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Academic success for boys attending College has always been one of our key aspirations.

I have often made reference to this being the ‘first amongst equals’ given the variety of programmes we offer both within the regular classroom and co-curricular. Year-on-year, our results have been at the forefront of school performance in New Zealand. Continuous reflection and growth to ensure that our programme is bringing boys to their best, is relevant and meaningful and prepares them well for the next step of personal development, is a part of how we think here at College. Sometimes this relates to subjects on offer; for example, in recent years, the introduction of Agribusiness and Psychology in Years 12 and 13. At other times it might relate to programmes such as those developed in MINDfit and MANifesto that have been applied alongside traditional offerings to address the current needs of boys.

In 2022 this evolving improvement will see the introduction of a unique Christ’s College Diploma (CCD) based on the New Zealand curriculum, for students in Year 10 and 11 to be awarded at the end of an integrated sequential two-year programme that builds on the breadth and depth of our Year 9 beginning. The CCD will replace Level 1 NCEA which has for some time, in the College context, been redundant as a third year of qualification. In light of recent review by the Ministry of Education we now believe a new College Diploma that focuses on the phase of learning described as ‘choice and challenge’ will better identify and develop a balance of character and academic elements in a way that will best prepare and enhance the performance of all boys for their final push in Year 12/13, where our focus is on ‘excellence and expertise’.

The CCD will balance compulsion and choice across subjects and look to broaden both what is on offer and the level of challenge within. It will satisfy the requirements of any mandated New Zealand curriculum and so much more. With components including global competency and financial matters, we believe it offers much more credibility and will prepare our students well for NCEA Level 2 at Year 12. Awarded at three levels along with an additional Academic Honours opportunity, the CCD will reflect the College focus on developing and using strengths, as boys strive to be at their best both inside and outside the classroom. College will be leading this type of programme development which is beginning to find favour amongst a number of schools across the country.

Year 9 & 10 Parent Consultation Sessions

With these points in mind we now come to you for your input. We will be hosting a number of small group consultation sessions for Year 9 and 10 parents, to hear your feedback on our current workings for this diploma and harness your insights. We’ve immersed ourselves in this education philosophy for many months. Having fresh eyes from those who are directly impacted by this evolution at College is invaluable to us as we put together the final details. We look forward to sharing this exciting next step and invite you to register here to participate in these feedback sessions.

Old Boys' Reunion Weekend

I would like to acknowledge Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer, other members of our Advancement team, current Old Boys’ President Richard Polson and members of his committee, past and present for a most successful Old Boys’ Reunion Weekend just past – amidst Covid level changes, late sign ups and Covid lock(outs)! What a fantastic series of events and celebrations, not least of which was the reveal of our next set of Old Boy ‘legend’ posters that are shown here.

Security on the campus

Just a reminder that for the security and safety of boys and their belongings, cameras continue to be installed across the school in public areas. These provide an additional level of security and are designed to ensure the boys and the properties are at all times kept safe. Some parents and boys may not be aware that the cameras exist; this is simply to inform everyone that they do, and that their role is always in the best interests of the students.

Boys and Technology – IBSC Parenting Boys Speaker Series

Once again you are invited to join parents worldwide for the online IBSC Parenting Boys Speaker Series. The next session, on 2–7 March is on Boys and Technology, and features Shimi Kang. Get expert insight into cutting-edge neuroscience that reveals a new understanding around how we metabolise experiences with technology that will lay the foundation for lasting success in our digital world. Harvard-trained psychiatrist Shimi Kang uses her new book to show how to help boys build healthy habits and make smart choices that maximise the benefits of tech – and minimise its risks. Get more details.

Earthquake anniversary

The school gathered on The Quad and observed a minute’s silence at 12.51pm on Monday, remembering the devastating 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake and the 185 people who lost their lives. Our boys were aged between three and eight years at the time. All of us, of whatever age, were impacted by the event and we all are the beneficiaries of the city’s commitment to the future.

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Boarding Matters

Staff Ben Vink 8793 2222 SQ

Ben Vink
Deputy Principal – Student Care

Back in the boarding Houses

It has been great to see the Year 10 to Year 13 boys return to College over the past couple of weeks. It has also been wonderful that they have played a big part in welcoming our Year 9s into the Christ’s College boarding community.

In the first few weeks, many activities have been designed to develop a sense of belonging for our Year 9s. A compulsory weekend in the Houses, a trip to Hanmer and activities such as quiz nights help our new arrivals be part of the boarding community.

Many of you will know firsthand the strengths of a small community. The College boarding community is no different to any other. When you are a new member, everything seems a little overwhelming. However, boys soon build relationships and adjust to their new environment, ready to experience the many opportunities on offer.

Our new boys are trying to navigate their new space, forge relationships and understand their place – all while attending school classes from 8.30am to 3pm. The boys remain in the boarding Houses for the first two weekends so that they can start to develop the relationships that enhance that sense of belonging and being part of a community that is a good place to be.

The first weekend – with all boarders uniting for a compulsory in-house weekend – is invaluable for the new boys to understand their place. It is a chance to see the seniors and the older boys having fun, to catch up with each other, and observe the positive role models of College boarding. The same goes for their interactions with staff. Boys can also see the staff relating to the older boys. This helps the Year 9s relax and feel comfortable in the College environment.

For our Year 13 boys, their positive role modelling is integral to a cohesive community. It is a selfless act and by simply taking a positive approach, they help us out immensely. It is also a reminder that while the seniors have got used to the boarding environment, it takes all of us time to adjust and feel we belong.

A big thank you to our staff and senior boys for their time and commitment to helping make the transition to boarding for the Year 9s of 2021 a smooth one.

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Curriculum News

Staff Nicole Billante

Nicole Billante
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

Farewell Level 1 NCEA – welcome CCD

As mentioned by our Executive Principal, we are delighted to be bringing to the community information about our Christ’s College Diploma.

This is a process that was actually started back in 2016 when Joe Eccleton was the one writing these Curriculum News pieces. At that early stage we began a curriculum review to establish what we do well at College, and what opportunities there were to do even better. Out of that first curriculum review arose the Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research which has become the driving force for further reflection and refinement since that time.

We identified back then that NCEA Level 1 was not always the best preparation for Level 2. Those parents whose sons have already been through the system will recognise that there is a big jump between the levels. The focus becomes about assessment early on, and the critical thinking that we aim to develop with our students can become sidelined with time pressures to ‘achieve’. The NCEA Change Package introduced in the last government term recognised this same issue and emphasised that Level 1 should become optional. We saw this as a great opportunity to progress the next phase of our curriculum.

So began the research and collaboration that would become the Christ’s College Diploma. For the last 20 months, a core group of teachers have been synthesising the best evidence of teaching and learning to design a framework to recognise the achievements of our boys, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our academic strand is being designed to utilise the strengths of the New Zealand Curriculum alongside expert thinking around assessment, in order to ensure that our students are actively engaged while being prepared for scholastic achievement.

Meanwhile, in line with recent research from UNICEF into teaching and assessing life skills, the importance of education in teaching children to ‘know, do, be, and live together’ encapsulates the essence of the Diploma’s holistic approach. While pursuing highest educational outcomes, we also wish to pursue our vision of producing men of virtuous character. We are fortunate that our connection to Round Square already grounds us in tangible ways of teaching character, and the diploma framework is built on using the Round Square Ideals to achieve our Christ’s College Graduate Outcomes.

Year 9 & 10 Parent Consultation Sessions

I would like to echo the Executive Principal’s invitation for you to join in our parent consultation sessions on the Diploma and invite you to register here to participate. During these sessions I will briefly elaborate on the rationale for change, the academic programme structure and offerings, and the additional character strengths and experiences that will contribute to the award. Having your thoughts and questions in these sessions will solidify the final elements of the Diploma as we plan for this exciting next chapter in our curriculum.

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Wellbeing & Positive Education

John Quinn IBW

John Quinn
Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education

Sleep – the most powerful drug

The most powerful drug known to help our wellbeing and performance is free, and one we can all access. But unfortunately, it is one that most of us – no matter our age – seem reluctant to put a high price on.

Sleep is one of the keys to being able to function well and feel good, yet we still don't always create healthy sleep routines and habits. It is a vital part of the wellbeing puzzle:

  • eat
  • move
  • sleep

We’ve learnt that eating well and getting some exercise are important; but sleep, we now know, is of the utmost importance for all of us, irrespective of age.

We need to support our young people in putting a high price on it. We know that our teenage children need their sleep, but often by the time they get to high school, we almost allow them to manage and regulate their own sleep habits. Clearly they need a hand with this, because with the busy lives they lead, plus their use of technology, they are not getting enough sleep.

The research is clear that they need anywhere from 8-10 hours sleep at night – particularly students who are doing physical and time-consuming sports or outside-the-class activities. As we move into Week 4 of a busy term, it would be great if you took some time to talk to your son about a weekly sleep routine to ensure that he is able to be at his best each day. Here are some tips.

  • We know that technology is important for your son, but we need to get phones, iPads, computers and TVs out of their rooms.
  • Have a think about what you are role modelling with your children in regard to your own technology use, and where you have your technology.
  • Have tea before 7pm if possible to ensure they are not eating too late.
  • One of the easiest ways to get better sleep is to stop taking any caffeine drinks after lunch time. Have a talk to your son about his consumption of coffee and energy drinks.
  • Create clear and consistent bedtimes so that he is in bed most nights at the same time, to ensure at least 8 hours sleep.
  • Create a bedtime process where he gets a chance to unwind and get off technology – phones, computers, TVs, iPads – before he goes to bed.
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From the Chaplain


What an absolute delight to have so many of you at Sunday Chapel on 14 February. More than 450 people received communion, and, for those unfamiliar with what we do here and why, I explained the service as we went through it.

We have had a brief pause in Chapel because of going to Level 2. We are now in Lent – preparing for the Easter season. Our Lent Appeal this year is for the City Mission.

On Monday, we remembered the earthquakes at the 10th anniversary by gathering on The Quad with reflection, silence, and prayer.

George Kral RIP

As many of you are aware, very sadly, recent Old Boy George Kral died in his sleep. Friday, a week ago, I led his funeral and burial. The large number of friends and family was a great tribute to him. We continue to remember all those grieving.

In Religious Education classes

In Year 9, we are introducing life at Christ’s College – the Chapel building, baptism and Eucharist. Students are also investigating their own name, its meaning, and its history.

In Year 10, we are studying the movie, The Matrix. This film connects with several world religions that we study (particularly Christianity and Buddhism) as well as some philosophical ideas around truth and reality.

In Year 11, we have begun looking at history, beginning with Jesus of Nazareth. This will lead up to a 6-credit NCEA assessment.


As I wrote last time, if a student wants to be baptised (christened – the words “baptism” and “christening” are used interchangeably), do email me and/or encourage them to speak to me. We can then see if we can organise a simple baptism service. Anglicans recognise baptism in other denominations – and that is mutual.

Centre for Ethics & Spirituality

I also remind you that on Thursday 18 March at 7.30–9pm, in the Chapman Room at Christ’s College, with opportunity for questions and discussion, concluded with refreshments, the Chaplain in partnership with the Centre for Wellbeing & Positive Education will present:

Fullness of life
Hauora, positive psychology, and healthy Christian spirituality

This is a free introduction and opportunity to discuss how these three dimensions connect.

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Staff Chris Sellars

Chris Sellars
Careers Advisor

Upcoming careers dates
2 March

Victoria University liaison visit

13 AprilUC Discovery Day – Year 12
7 MayUniversity of Canterbury liaison visit, Year 13
13 MayCareers Expo, Year 12
14 MayCareers Expo, Year 11
21 MayUniversity of Otago liaison visit, Year 13
23–24 MayDunedin Tertiary Open Days
9 JuneUC Information Evening
9 SeptemberUC Open Day

Christ's College CareerWise

As advertised last year, the Christ's College careers website, CareerWise is a rich source of information about all things related to career information. Check it out and sign up for weekly alerts here. The posting on the College site last Sunday were: Ara Newsletter, UC Information Evenings, UC Key Dates, 15 most common interview questions, Application for Year 13 students – Elaine P Snowden Astronomy School.

Career interviews

Career talks with Year 13 students have started and are progressing well. I have been impressed with the reliability and punctuality of the boys. They often take a photo of the notes I have recorded, which I then place in Schoolbox. If your son (in any year group) needs immediate help, however, please ask him to contact me. I will find a time as soon as possible, and will follow up with you by phone. Year 12 interviews will start in Term 2 and Year 11 interviews in Term 3.

Ara liaison visit

Ara Institute of Technology presented to Year 13 on Friday 12 February. The aim of the session was to make the boys aware of the various courses that Ara offers. Many know of the trade courses but are not aware of the degrees offered. In the past, for example, we have had students complete a Diploma in Engineering Technologies (2 years), before attending the University of Canterbury and commencing the Bachelor of Engineering. Boys were able to talk to the liaison officer afterwards.

Lincoln University liaison visit

Lincoln University presented to Year 12 last week. They spoke of the areas of work in the primary industries, mentioning the Lincoln degrees and diplomas. Qualifications from other tertiary providers will also enable jobs in the primary industries. With the world population increasing, the need for land, and food production was emphasised. They also showed primary industry jobs and their salaries.

UC Stay in touch

Complete the online form in the link below to ensure you’re kept up to date on key dates and important information.

UC Information Evening, 9 June

Click the link to register –

UC Discovery Day – Year 12

This is a very worthwhile event for Year 12 boys. Unfortunately this is in the school holidays (13 April) but I am hoping many will attend – click here for further information and registration. Registration will be available on Eventbrite in the future.

Elaine P. Snowden Astronomy School

The Elaine P. Snowden Astronomy School is a programme for Year 13 students interested in studying Astronomy or Physics at university. This exciting astronomy programme will run 18-23 April at the University of Canterbury campus and at UC Mt John Observatory in Tekapo, with a mix of seminars and practical work. The camp is offered free of charge, generously funded by a donation from a private sponsor. Only 20 places are available, applications close 1 March 2021. Click here to find out more.

Otago Tertiary Open Day

I will take a group of up to 18 boys to Dunedin for the University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic Open Days on Sunday and Monday 23–24 May. We will travel by coach with St Andrew’s College and stay at the Alcala Motel on Sunday night. On Monday we will have breakfast at one of Otago’s halls of residence. This is an opportunity for the boys to see Dunedin, attend lectures or information sessions and look at accommodation options. This is a school trip. We do not allow boys to drive their own vehicles with other students, but parents can travel to Dunedin with their son independently, if they choose. The boys will be given booklets to help them plan their day. They can express their interest to me now.

UC Bachelor of Product Design

New Zealand’s gaming sector surged 59% in the 2020 financial year, with $324 million in sales of New Zealand-made games for PCs, consoles and mobile devices, and augmented and virtual reality programmes for education and training. About 96% of those sales were exports, according to recently released industry figures. Chelsea Rapp, chairperson of the New Zealand Game Developers Association, said the financial boost helped create more than 140 new jobs last year for programmers, designers, artists, writers and composers. Immersive game design covers both virtual and augmented reality where the software and hardware are at the beginning of massive growth. The development of games for entertainment and applied games for training, education and the carrying out of remote activities are included in this major. Click here to find out more.

In Black & White – Careers

I like to present information in In Black & White that I feel is relevant to boys at College and their parents. However, I am aware not all boys read it, so I hope parents will use the information provided as a springboard for investigation, discussion and inspiration, to help their sons as they consider their future. Thank you for your interest. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any suggestions or if you need advice.

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From the Archives

Jane Teal

159 Years of the Sports

On 7 June 1862 the following appeared in the Lyttelton Times.

Sports 1862100

Lyttelton Times 7 June 1862 i

Was this the first time that Christ’s College held an Athletics Sports? The Games Committee Minute Book tends to confirm this. On May 22 1862, the Committee discusses the possibility of a silver or pewter cup for the College Cup race, and the following day George Harper (84) proposed, and Henry Thornton Dudley (16) seconded, its purchase. A further minute notes that it would be kept if a boy won it for more than one year. ii

The Archives also holds the 1877 Sports Programme that records the longest-held Christ’s College record. The story is that Frederick George Westenra (404) was persuaded by the Headmaster, Charles Carteret Corfe, to run and jump when he was not feeling well. The result was 10¼ seconds in the Open 100 yards. This time, converted to 100m stands at 11.2sec and is now held jointly with Grantley Peter Wain Judge in 1991 and Elliot B Nye in 2014.

Sports 1877a101
Sports 1877b102

But that was not all. In the Long Jump Westenra’s 21ft 8in “was magnificent and without any great effort.” iii The paper goes on to record that this was 3ft 7in better than his own previous best and 3ft 3in longer than Richard Malone Hamilton (365), the second place getter.

There were 10 entries in the High Jump under 14 years and William Paul Studholme (717) won with a height of 4ft 0¼ inch while Arthur Truman Chapman (660) cleared the bar at 4ft 8½ inches in the Open.

Athletic Sports Day 1877 Ch 5 copy

High Jump, 1877 Sports

Until 1996, with the introduction of the four-term year, a date in October was set aside as Sports Weekend. Parents arrived, the crowd gathered around Upper and there was a service in the Cathedral.

Now Athletics’ Sports heats and finals are spread over several days culminating in a single day in late February.

i Henry Thornton Dudley (16) Bethel Charles Ware (157), Frederick Arnold Baker (138), Frederick Riddiford (148), Arthur Roswell Baker (139), Arthur Charles Smale (143), Henry Thompson (47), Thomas Richard Moore (93).
ii This may account for information in a letter from Charles Thornton Dudley (21) Dec 5 1824 in which he refers to a challenge cup his brother had, but it was lost in the fire at the Dudley family home, Earnley, in Rangiora.
iii Press 12 October 1877. See also Hamilton, DG. 1996 College! p118 . This jump was according to Hamilton a school boy world record that stood for many years.
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The 175th

Jane Teal

The first 175 and a few more…V, W, Y and Lyttelton

Preparations have begun for the 175th celebrations in 2025 and we’d like to know some more about the first 175 boys who attended Christ’s College. Just over 175 names are in the College List up to and including 1862, and there are also those who attended College in Lyttelton. So, over the next few issues of In Black & White, there will be lists of those we’d like to make a connection with. We know that some boys did not have families, but they are included just in case there is a great, great, great, nephew or niece who can help us out. Perhaps you might draw up a family tree and phone the Old Boys’ Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer (03 364 6862) or email it to her at, or email it to the archivist, or post it to the archivist at Private Bag 4900 Christchurch 8140.

Families are gathered together in the following list, except where the information we have is not clear about a family connection. If this is the case, names are listed separately.

William and Charles Henry VIGERS


Robert McDonald WAITT

Bethel Charles WARE

Alfred Frank WATKINS

Warner William Warren and Arthur Henry WESTENRA

Jonah Charles WHEELER


David Theodore and Charles Hood WILLIAMS

Richard William WILLIAMS

John Kidd and George Newman WILMER

Charles Bassell and Clement WINTER


Frederick WORSLEY

Harry James WYLDE


The following attended Christ’s College Grammar School and the College Elementary School in Lyttelton, but did not attend Christ’s College in later years.

This information comes from a number of sources.


Harold de BOURBEL


Edward EARLE



Dugald and Norman MACFARLANE

F Charles and Frank SH MURRAY


Edward, W Summers and Sydney PUCKLE

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Latest News & Events

Reunion Cocktail Party 1

Reunion weekend stunning success

On again, off again – Christ’s College’s reunion weekend was a hit last weekend, glorious weather adding to a heady mix of memories and old friendships rekindled....

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Founders Dinner 2021 1

Formality and fun at Founders’ Dinner

Attending the annual Founders’ Dinner is a rite of passage for College’s Year 13 students.

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Swimming Sports 2021 3

Powering in the pool

Covid restrictions impacted on the College swimming sports on Monday 15 February...

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Polo 21 Feb 2

College A reins in rivals on polo opening day

Christ’s College cantered to comfortable wins in the first tournament of the polo season, securing early honours in the A Grade on Sunday at Waireka Polo Farm in North Canterbury...

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Old Boys Posters 2020

Inspirational Old Boys’ posters

Six more posters of Old Boys will grace the walls of Christ’s College, providing fresh inspiration to the next generation of College students.

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Framingham Wine Rowing Fundraiser

The College Rowing Committee is excited to launch the Framingham Wine Rowing Fundraiser, just in time for 2021 rowing season.

This collection of beautiful wines is perfect for those long summer days and will make a fabulous gift for friends and colleagues. Framingham Wines are very generously donating $40 per case sold, to Christ’s College Rowing.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards supporting and developing the Christ’s College rowing squad, to enhance our position as one of New Zealand’s leading schools in boys’ rowing. The purpose of this fundraiser is to help buy new rowing equipment, while also minimising the cost for all participating in the rowing programme.

Wine is purchased in dozens, with mixed cases available if preferred. Cases will be delivered freight free within three days of receiving your order. Click here to view the information sheet.

Orders close on Sunday 21 March 2021.

Please click here to take you to the online order form. Please share this link with friends and family. Your support of our Christ’s College rowers is greatly appreciated!

Noho ora mai

Rowing Committee

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Upcoming Events

25 FebruaryParents' Association Year 9 Welcome Event, 7.30pm


25 FebruaryParents' Association Year 10 Immerse & Inspire and Welcome Event, 7.30pm


26 FebruaryCollege Athletics Day Lunch for parents of Dayboys, 12.30pm


1 MarchNCEA Information Evening, 7pm


2 March–19 May

Community Visits, 6–8pm
6 MarchChrist's College Rowing Club Parents' Dinner, 7.30pm


8 March – 1 AprilYear 9 & 10 College Diploma Consultation Sessions


18 MarchCentre for Ethics & Spirituality, 7.30pm


28 FebruaryJoe Studholme Classic Car Rally, 9.30am
6 MarchCCOBA Yacht Race, 12pm


31 MarchMelbourne Branch Dinner, 6.30pm


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