Issue No. 166

From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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It has been some time since we have produced our In Black & White because of lockdown shifts.

However, our College community can again be incredibly proud of the way we have been able to move through the levels of lockdown with certainty and confidence, enabled by a great deal of work by the College Executive, our teaching and non-teaching staff and the boys themselves. My thanks also to the families who have managed the complexities of online working and learning within their homes. The positive feedback from staff, parents and boys – alongside suggestions for improvement – will inform our approach, should such circumstances be repeated. As always, our focus has been to put the boys at the centre of everything we do, knowing they are surrounded by a great deal of support.

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Your voice is important to us

For the past six years, the school has sought feedback – through an internationally benchmarked survey – on its practice and programmes. In 2016, this was a whole school survey. In 2017–19, parents and boys of Years 10, 12 and 13 were consulted and in 2020, given the disruption of Covid-19, Year 13 parents and boys were surveyed. This year, we return to a whole school survey of parents and boys, with a staff survey in Term 2, 2022. The outcomes impact on decisions to improve the quality of the Christ’s College experience. They have been extremely helpful and I urge everyone to have your say. We value your input. The parent survey will be released at the end of this week and available until 22 October, while the student survey will be open for two weeks from 29 October.

Sporting success

Our return to school and a shift to Level 2 have enabled one of our most successful senior sport seasons to unfold. Our 1st XI hockey team has won the local schools’ competition, our 1st XV has come within a whisker of winning the Miles Toyota Championship and our 1st XI football team has qualified undefeated for the final, with the same anticipation for our basketball side. This competitive success reflects four subtle – but significant – changes over the past few years. First, our school roll – at almost 700 – gives all our sporting codes more depth. Our coaching is of the highest standard and when combined with a balanced and effective strength and conditioning programme, we are ready to play. Our sports scholarship programme has also enabled us to compete. Each year at Year 9, College offers up to five focused sports scholarships, along with general excellence and sport scholarships for a small number of boys in Years 10–12 who apply directly to the school. When all these elements are combined, we have a belief within the school that we are the equal of any. By combining this belief with hard work, we know we can compete with the best.

Student numbers for 2022

Planning for next year is well under way, so please advise us if your son is not returning to College in 2022. It is agreed between parents and the school that a withdrawal or changes are notified a term in advance in order to avoid incurring a fees penalty that is equivalent to the costs of a term. If your son is leaving, please inform his Housemaster or Admissions Registrar Sarah Fechney by Monday 18 October, the beginning of Term 4.

Enrolments for 2023 and beyond

We are very fortunate to have strong demand for College places – now and in the future. If you have a younger son who is not enrolled for 2023, can you please do so by clicking here. Siblings are given priority but they need to be enrolled. We will hold interviews for siblings and parents in November this year. Admissions Registrar Sarah Fechney will be in touch to organise a suitable time.

Annual Giving Day is back on – Wednesday 3 November

After being forced to postpone because of Covid-19, our Annual Giving Day will now be held on Wednesday 3 November.

We are seeking volunteers to help out on the day. If you would like to be involved, click here. More information will be communicated over the coming weeks. If you have any queries, contact Shelley Keach on 03 364 6818 or email

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Boarding Matters

Staff Ben Vink 8793 2222 SQ

Ben Vink
Deputy Principal – Student Care

Welcome return to our boarding Houses

Welcome back. It was wonderful to walk around all three Houses and see the excitement of the boys as they arrived back at their Houses. The boys were very enthusiastic and certainly pleased to see each other.

It was a relatively seamless reintroduction to boarding and school for the boys. Thanks to the boarding staff for all the groundwork to ensure the smooth return. Thanks also to all the parents for getting so many of the boys back so quickly, ensuring that they could resume their term.


Hunter Wilson

Old Boy Hunter Wilson has been employed to run our gym and weights room in the evenings, taking on the role at the start of Term 3. Hunter is also running the Year 9 after-school programme on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hunter wanders around the three boarding Houses at 4pm, picking up the Year 9s so that they can join in a range of after-school activities. Touch rugby has proved a popular choice, along with frisbee and other games. A certified lifesaver, Hunter also takes the boys to the pool for some water fun and oversees table tennis and pool competitions on wet days to keep the boys occupied.

The interactive role followed a conversation with the Friends of Boarding group and Housemasters as we sought to encourage the Year 9 boys to get out and about and away from their Houses. The subsequent Hunter-led interactions have been great.

Please talk to your sons about giving this a go. The more boys who get involved, the better.

Fun weekend out

On Saturday night, a large group of boarders across all three Houses visited the new Escape Artists’ escape rooms in the central city. Here they had the opportunity to work together to solve problems and escape the rooms they were trapped in, leading to lots of fun for all. On Sunday, the boys enjoyed the new Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings movie at Hoyts EntX in the central city.

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Healthcare for boarders

The Christchurch Doctors will temporarily take over the healthcare of boarders and international students at College during building alterations at Doctors on Cashel. Please complete and return the enrolment forms – sent out in recent correspondence – to The Christchurch Doctors as soon as possible. This will ensure that your son's medical notes are available, should he need to see a GP.

What's for dinner?

Click here to view the Dining Hall menu produced by the talented team at Spotless.

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Curriculum News

Staff Nicole Billante

Nicole Billante
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

Students reconnect in collaborative learning

It has been delightful to have students back on campus, with the boys quickly settling into their routines and focusing on their classwork. They have been excited to see each other again, and the buzz of the boys reconnecting reinforces the importance of learning in a collaborative environment for so many students.

I have mentioned this several times, but I want to reiterate that we understand remote learning provides some challenges – despite a great deal of effort on the part of both teachers and students. We have just under a week left of term and have been focusing on rectifying any wobbles boys may have experienced. Teachers, the Learning Centre, and Housemasters are all there to support anyone who needs some help.

In this vein, a second round of IPGs for the term has been sent out. These have been timed to capture the return to our site and give both students and parents an indication of whether learning is on track. Some live reporting feedback may be delayed because of changing deadlines around lockdown, so your understanding is appreciated.

Finally, I want to thank our timetabler and NZQA Principal’s nominee, William Bell, for all his work in readjusting our timetable and reorganising our derived grade examinations. These will start on Wednesday 20 October, with the schedule published on Schoolbox.

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Wellbeing & Positive Education

John Quinn IBW

John Quinn
Director of Wellbeing & Positive Education

Family fun as easy as child’s play

As we move into spring and revel in the warmer weather, it is great to spend time outside – connecting with your children. We know that ‘playtime’ is healthy for all of us – no matter our age.

When we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative – playfully enjoying novel experiences – this helps make new connections in the brain. With the holidays on us, think about what you can do with your family that is spontaneous, novel and creative – allowing you to connect with your children. This can range from board and card games at home to going to the Escape Room. Start with a family chat, encouraging your children to pick holiday activities and you can then book some time.

You can also consider what ‘playtime’ means to you – what do you do for playtime? This might sound strange for an adult, but when we were children we used to play a lot and this brought us a great deal of joy and happiness. As we get older, we tend to move away from playtime as we see it as something for the young. However, research shows that it helps make new brain connections, as well as giving us joy and happiness.

So the challenge for the holidays is to find time to have playtime with your children, your family – and for yourself.

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Christ's College Old Boys' Association

Lizzie Dyer The Quad

Lizzie Dyer
Alumni Manager

Business Banter – The Bostock Brothers story

Old Boys' Ben and George Bostock grew up on their family’s organic apple orchard in sunny Hawke’s Bay and share a family passion for healthy, safe growing practices where there is control from the farm to plate.

Hear George Bostock tell their story of remaining true to their core values of sustainable business, while achieving economic success, culminating in winning the Sustainable Business Awards in 2020.

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Health Centre

Nicky Taylor IBW

Nicky Taylor
Health Centre Nurse

Rachel Trengrove IBW

Rachel Trengrove
Health Centre Nurse

As we are at Alert Level 2, we need to follow guidelines from the Government, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education regarding managing sickness within College.

The following apply:

  • Please do not send your son/s to College if they are sick
  • Any unwell students need to go home to a parent or guardian and stay home until free of symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours
  • If boys have a Covid-19 test, they must self-isolate until a negative Covid-19 result is received
  • College will require proof of a negative Covid-19 test result before a boy can return
  • A “return to school check” is required at the College Health Centre before resuming school/classes – the student reports to the Health Centre before the first period of the day for a quick health check
  • Mandatory hygiene practices apply – hand washing/hand sanitising
  • Mask wearing is recommended at school/in classrooms
  • Boys must wear a mask on public transport.

Please make sure your contact details are accurate and encourage your son to have a mask and hand sanitiser in his bag.

If your son is having/has had the Covid-19 vaccination/s, we also encourage you to update this information in your son's profile via the parent portal. Alternatively, you can email the Health Centre at Please include both vaccination dates.

Healthcare for boarders

The Christchurch Doctors will temporarily take over the healthcare of boarders and international students at College during building alterations at Doctors on Cashel. Please complete and return the enrolment forms – sent out in recent correspondence – to The Christchurch Doctors as soon as possible. This will ensure that your son's medical notes are available, should he need to see a GP.

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From the Chaplain

Interbeing – a shared existence and acceptance

This is the first In Black and White since lockdown. For some, this was a more difficult Level 4 than last year’s one. As I write, many in our country are still at this strict level. There is much to reflect on, and much to give thanks for.

As I prepare to head into the next chapter of my life, I mull over what has changed in our school. As just one example, I arrived at a school where there were complaints when I used any te reo Māori in Chapel. Now, we chant the Lord’s Prayer in te reo Māori, sing waiata, and last week had a student-led Assembly (outdoors at this Covid-19 Level 2) for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, in which te reo is taken for granted, and the Tino Rangatiratanga flag (often referred to as the Māori flag) was one of the flags flying for Te Wiki.

Many people still approach reality in a binary way, dividing into “in” and “out”, “us” and “them”. The concept of “interbeing”, a term coined by the great Buddhist teacher Thích Nhất Hạnh, sees all sharing a common, interconnected existence.

In the week returning from lockdown, I spoke to the school community about Suzanne Simard’s scientific studies about the way trees share resources and information with one another through an intricately interconnected network of mycorrhizal fungi in the tree roots. Trees show interbeing. They are social beings, exchanging nutrients, helping each other, and communicating about insect pests and other threats. Trees recognise their own kin and care for vulnerable saplings.

Interbeing is one way of approaching our response to Covid-19. We go into lockdown, we get vaccinated, not just for ourselves but for each other. Realising interbeing helps in acceptance of differences in culture, language, perspectives, and so on. Interbeing is one way of viewing the foundations of Christianity – Jesus shares interbeing with all of us; and the Persons of the Trinity share interbeing. The Nicene Creed has the Greek original for this as ὁμοούσιον (homoousion; Latin: consubstantiálem – in English translated as “of one being” or “consubstantial”). The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit share interbeing.

Interestingly, at noon, many Anglicans use Thích Nhất Hạnh’s Litany for Peace, which includes: “Let us be aware of the source of being that is common to us all and to all living creatures.”

Some people think that inclusiveness, acceptance of science, an open, scholarly approach to our world and to history are accepted by Christians in spite of their faith. I want to reinforce that these things are important because of following Jesus not in spite of faith.

Chapel Prefects

Finally, I am delighted to announce that the Chapel Prefects for 2022 are Yusef Elnahas and Harry Vincent.

Portrait 2
Portrait 1
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Yours in Christ,

Bosco Peters

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Staff Chris Sellars

Chris Sellars
Careers Advisor

Upcoming careers dates


Victoria University accommodation offers start

22 SeptemberUC accommodation applications close
1 OctoberVictoria University accommodation applications close
1 OctoberUC enrolment applications open
1 OctoberLincoln University enrolments open, LUCAS
1 OctoberAUT accommodation opens (first-in, first-served basis)
4 OctoberLincoln University, hall offers are made (first-in, first-served)
10 DecemberUC applications to enrol due
10 December

Victoria University applications due

Christ's College CareerWise

The Christ’s College careers website, CareerWise, is a rich source of information about all things related to careers. Check it out and sign up for weekly alerts here.

CATE – Careers and Transition Education NZ

CATE is the professional organisation of New Zealand careers advisors. It is responsible for the careers conference, held at the end of each year. Click the link here to access parent resources.

School Leavers Tool Kit

For information on financial support for tertiary education, moving out of home, taking care of myself and others or getting a job, click here.

StudyLink – student loans and allowances

If boys intend to apply for a student loan or allowance, they need to register and apply online through StudyLink. As this process can take time, it is best to get under way sooner rather than later.

Student Jobs Guide

Many students will be looking for a summer job. MoneyHub has produced a comprehensive Student Jobs Guide, with tips on how to make an application and where to look for student jobs. For more information, go to MoneyHub.

Interview tips

MoneyHub has published essential tips and suggestions for job interview success. For more information, follow the link here.

University course planning

To date, Victoria University, the University of Otago, UC and Lincoln University have come to College for course planning sessions. Most boys have now decided on the degree they intend to pursue and have chosen the subjects they will study in semesters 1 and 2 next year. The University of Auckland will not come to Christchurch in the near future. However, boys can email the school liaison, Cheryl Martin, at if they need more information about studying in Auckland.

University of Otago information

7–9 October – Notification of halls and scholarships for 2022
23 October – Payment of $800–$1500 required for hall deposit
10 October – Apply to StudyLink for student loans and allowances
November – Boys need to sit external examinations, regardless of the credits already gained
10 December – Boys need to submit the papers/subjects they are studying in 2022
1 February – A further accommodation payment, $4000–$8000
10 February – Tuition fees required
19 February – Travel to Otago
21 February – O Week
25 February – Preliminary lectures

Ara – programme closing dates

30 September – Bachelor of Nursing
30 September – Bachelor of Broadcasting Communications (NZBS)
1 October – Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Health
30 October – Certificate in Animal Management
30 October – Certificate in Animal Technology

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From the Archives

Jane Teal

Francis Robinson (141), Jacobs House, 1861

In the 19th century Old Boy Papers Collection is the following letter from Henry Jacobs to Francis Robinson’s father, Captain Robinson of the Manawatu. Somewhat the worse for wear, having been munched by silverfish at some point prior to its arrival in the archives, it nevertheless provides a number of clues about life at College in 1861.

Robinson 1
Robinson 2

Transcribed, it reads:

The College
December 19 1861

My dear Sir

I have great pleasure in sending Francis home for the Midsummer Holidays in good health & with an excellent character. The best testimony to this he takes with him in the shape of two prizes, one given by the College for proficiency in Arithmetic the other by the Warden (the Bishop of Christchurch) for Good Conduct. I can add my own strong testimony & that of Mrs Jacobs to his uniform good behaviour.

His good temper trustworthiness & diligence have gained for him the respect & affection of all with whom he has had to do.

The Good Conduct Prizes were adjudged by the votes of the boys themselves, subject to the conformation of the masters & you will be pleased to know that his schoolfellows were very nearly unanimous in his favour.

I understand from him that he has sufficient funds for passage money & other expenses. I trust he will arrive safely and speedily with you.

I will send the Quarter’s account on a separate sheet enclosed.

Believe me
faithfully yours
Henry Jacobs

F Robinson Esq

Francis Robinson’s only year at College was in 1861, for according to his obituary “the difficulties of transit were so great that it was impossible to send [him] continuously”. i

Obviously, he was boarding with the Jacobs family in the Headmaster’s House and to date this is the only mention that has ever been located that refers to the involvement of Jacobs’ first wife, Charlotte Emily (nee Corrick). Based on the College List, there were 19 boys, including Robinson, in Jacobs House in 1861, of whom possibly only three lived at home in Christchurch.ii

According to the Lyttelton Times, Robinson was in the 3rd Form (Year 9) when he was awarded the Arithmetic Prize in both the Mid-Winter and end of year examinations iii. A search of the Attendance and Behaviour Book notes that when he was enrolled he could read and write well, but had not begun Latin. The same volume provides information about his weekly place in class and his gradual improvement from 10th in a class of 11–16 boys to a regular second place. It also indicates that he required at various times a copy of a Latin Primer and a large slate.

Here for the first time, too, is information about the awarding of a Good Conduct Prize, which was presented by the Warden but involved both boys and Masters.

Finally, Jacobs indicates he will send the quarters account. The cost of boarding, washing included, was 50 guineas a year iv so added to that was presumably the cost of books, slates and other incidentals.

i Christ’s College Register, August 1930 p 344
ii From Auckland Arthur Charles Smale (143); from Wellington George Noyes Baggett (156), Arthur Rowsell (139) and Frederick Arnold Baker (138), Frederick (148) and Richard Riddiford (149), Richard John Barton (96); from Wanganui Andrew Duncan (122); from Lyttelton Henry Thornton Dudley (59), Charles Edward Gundry (60), Robert McDonald Waitt (64); from Carsdale Station James Harding (142); from Temuka Edmund James (155); from Rangiora Frank Shrimpton (137); from Mt Thomas Edward Hatfield Brown (24); from Christchurch Frederick George (39) and Henry Lyttelton Brittan (66), Charles John Merton (71), Thomas Gordon (140). Henry Samuel Brown (42) from Mt Thomas may also have been in Jacobs House. The Lyttelton Times 3 July 1861 at the time of the Mid Winter Examinations indicates there were 18 boarders.
iii Lyttelton Times 3 July 1861 and 28 December 1861
iv George Cotterill advertised that his boarding fee was the same as the Headmaster’s. Lyttelton Times 6 April 1861

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Latest News & Events

Maori Week BBQ 1

Nau mai ki Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

Can you recite a mihimihi (traditional greeting), sharing your whakapapa (family line)? Do you know the College whakapepeha (motto) – Tiakina tika, ngā tikanga tika (Good traditions, well maintained) or the College whakatakanga (mission) – Tama tū tama ora ki tū i te tū taioreore (Each boy at his best)?

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IMG 0293

College trio takes off with Reflex Media

Four College artists – Jake Abbiss, Oli Aikawa, Oscar Nott and Reis Azlan – will be among the Art Stars at an exhibition of Ōtautahi’s future creatives in September. Oliver Butler, Rajan Stephens and Harry Trolove, all 17, are the brains behind a new creative studio, Reflex Media. Their highly visual enterprise has been inspired by their Agribusiness course at College requiring the boys to create a business concept for the real world.

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IMG 0331

College on target for sporting grand slam

For the first time in more than 170 years, senior College teams are in title contention in four major winter sports over the next two weeks. Image courtesy of Geoff Soper Photography.

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Upcoming Events


27 October

Business Banter – The Bostock Brothers story


29 OctoberBoarding Mothers Morning Tea


29 October

The Pink Lunch


21 NovemberThanksgiving Service for Rev. Bosco Peters


23 SeptemberQueenstown, Wanaka and Arrowtown Long Lunch


8 October

Wellington AGM and Long Lunch

9 October

Wairarapa AGM and Long Lunch

15 OctoberCCOBA Golf Tournament


20 October

Gentlemen's Lunch


65 Years On Reunion

75 Years On Reunion

29 October

Auckland AGM and Long Lunch

19 NOVEMBERChristchurch Long Lunch


25 NOVEMBERChristchurch YOBs


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