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From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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As the holidays begin, I wish everyone well for the break ahead. As we have come to expect, the term has been full of activity and opportunity, and I am in awe of what we have individually and collectively achieved across the breadth of our programme.

This was never more evident than at the Parents’ Association House Music Festival, which was another celebration of the excellence and participation that we had come to expect at College. Thank you, and congratulations to all involved in a wonderful evening.

As we approach the next election, I think it is appropriate to ask our community to consider some facts and thoughts shared by Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ) regarding the ongoing failure of governments of any persuasion to support in any fair or reasonable way schools like Christ’s College that provide choice for parents and deliver excellent educational outcomes that benefit the country. Please consider education policy when you vote. The long-term sustainability of the independent education sector in New Zealand might well depend on the maturing of government policy in this area of immediate concern to this community.

Here are some points:

  • ISNZ member schools contribute more than $605 million to the economy each year*.
  • Independent schools save the government in one-off capital investment for new schools and classrooms because students attend independent schools that must fund their own capital improvements.
  • Independent schools contribute more than $79 million annually in tax revenue from GST on fees*. This contribution is almost double the total government funding for independent schools in New Zealand. (Government funding is capped at $40.6 million ex GST).
  • The government is a net fiscal beneficiary of the presence of the private school sector.
  • The current average level of funding per child to private schools is about 20% of the average government per-student expenditure in a state school.
  • There has been no adjustment in the per-student subsidy funding for independent schools since 2009, not even for inflation.
  • Actual per-student funding for independent schools is in decline because more parents are choosing to attend such schools.

*Independent Schools of New Zealand Data and Insights Report 2022 – McCrindle

Some further thoughts…

  • Increasing the funding to private schools is fiscally beneficial and supports parent choice*.
  • Independent schools support more than 8500 full-time equivalent jobs across New Zealand.
  • Independent schools divert those willing to pay for education away from the publicly financed state system, freeing up funds available for those remaining without compromising outcomes.
  • Independent schools relieve the burden on the taxpayer to meet the total cost of educating those eligible students across New Zealand.

*Independent Schools – What would a smart state do? – NZIER 2019

Midwinter Drinks

Our friends at The Observatory Hotel are offering Christchurch parents a 15% discount on their room rate for those who wish to stay in the city for the Midwinter Drinks function. The discount code is "ChristsCollege" and is valid until 30 September 2023. Click here to book.

The Midwinter Drinks ticket sales close at 12pm today, so make sure you do not miss out.

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Boarding Matters

Staff Ben Vink 8793 2222 SQ

Ben Vink
Deputy Principal – Student Care

Skiing for boarders – Term 3

We plan to continue the ski trips to Mt Hutt this year, with Hunter Wilson accompanying the boys on the Snowman Shuttles journeys. Hunter will be on the mountain throughout the day and stay in contact with the boys.

We will advertise the upcoming trips on the Boarding parents Facebook group page. Parents or boys can then book their seats on Snowman Shuttles. The shuttle will pick up Hunter and the boys from the main gates at Christ’s College on Sunday morning. Once the boys have booked their van seats, they will need to let Mr Vink know so that we can order an early breakfast and takeaway lunch.

House Music

Well done to the three boarding Houses for their efforts at the Parents' Association House Music Festival. All three Houses put in a great deal of time and effort in preparing for their performances. It was also wonderful to see so many boys enjoying the experience. While it was not all about the trophies, it was great to see Flower’s House win the House Spirit Cup and the Best Conductor Cup.

Thank you to all of those parents who attended our socal function. It was great to catch up with many of you and see the three House communities coming together.


Have a wonderful break with your boys. It has been a long term and many boys have put a lot of effort into their academic and co-curricular pursuits. However, we have seen some fatigue as we near the holidays.

Finally, thank you for supporting our staff. We do appreciate it.

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Curriculum News

Staff Nicole Billante

Nicole Billante
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

Feedback favours online approach to interviews

Thank you to all the parents who have taken the time to complete the feedback form for student/parent/teacher interviews. It has been a resounding endorsement for online interviews. Just over 70% of parents prefer online as the method for contact, with more than a quarter of parents saying it is a more beneficial experience.

However, I have taken on board the feedback from those wanting a return to in-person interviews. I have spoken to colleagues at other schools that offer both options and will see how this can work best for us in our context. Our Centre for Teaching Excellence & Research has started reviewing this in-depth and considering how to ensure valuable learning feedback for our community. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all feedback, but we certainly work to do the best we can.

In Term 3, we will maintain our online approach for the student/parent/teacher interviews on 17 July for our NCEA students in Years 12–13. We feel there is not enough time to give notice to families of any change in format.

We are completing a term full of internal assessment and heading into a term of more internals and our derived grade exam week. We hope parents and boys take the opportunity offered by these interviews to touch base with teachers about how to make the most of the term ahead. Parents will receive the email on Thursday 29 June for booking these interviews. A reminder that, as a result of the interviews, all classes for Term 3 start on Tuesday 18 July.

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Wellbeing Education

Staff Caroline Black 6072 SQ

Caroline Black
Director of Wellbeing Education

Paul Dillon – alcohol and drug expert

Passionate about ensuring the community has access to accurate and up-to-date information, Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA) founder and director Paul Dillon offers a wealth of educational information on the new DARTA website.

Parents and caregivers can learn more here.

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    Staff Robert Aburn 0247 SQ

    Robert Aburn
    Director of Music

    Parents' Association House Music Festival

    Julius House has taken the deepest bow at the House Music Festival at the Christchurch Town Hall, lifting the Carey House Shield for Best House Choir.

    Presented by the Christ's College Parents’ Association, it is the 89th edition of the popular – and highly competitive – College event.

    Click here to view the programme.

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    From the Chaplain

    Staff Cameron Pickering 1608 SQ

    The Rev'd Canon Cameron Pickering

    Food for thought in filling need

    Tēnā koutou katoa.

    Peace to you all in the name of God.

    I have a friend, who, many years ago, in describing the nature of church affairs – partly to mock, partly in admiration – referred to something like “effortless Anglican superiority”. On Sunday, as we gathered for our final Sunday Chapel Service for the term, I referenced this by way of illuminating why we do not have a Patron Saint like many schools (Kentigern, Bede, Andrew et al), but rather go straight to the source, Christ.

    I also suggested that if forced to name one, St John Chrysostom would be high up my list of possible ones. A Church Father of 5th century CE, among other venerations Chrysostom is remembered as a saint attached to education.

    John Chrysostom wrote that “if we cannot find Christ in the needy at the church door, we will not find him in the bread and wine”. Going on the article in the media last week (here), the need within our city is acute this winter.

    In Term 3, I am asking our generous College community to contribute non-perishable foodstuffs at each of our Sunday Chapel services. This is to meet an immediate need in our city. With 400–500 attendees each Sunday, we could make a significant contribution every Monday to the foodbank resources. Every student, twice in the term, taking time to reflect on the needs of others. A small gesture individually but substantial with a community of students, staff, and supporters behind it.

    To all on leave from school for the coming two weeks, prayers for refreshment. For those who will continue to man the battlements, prayers of praise and thanksgiving.

    Remember, O Lord,
    this city where we dwell
    and every other city and country,
    Remember, O Lord, all in your Holy Church
    who bring forth good fruit,
    are rich in good works and remember the poor.
    Grant your mercy and loving kindness to us all,
    and grant that we may praise and glorify your great
    and glorious name with one mouth and one heart.
    – John Chrysostom

    Yours in Christ,
    The Rev'd Cameron Pickering

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    Health Centre

    Nicky Taylor IBW

    Nicky Taylor
    Health Centre Nurse

    Rachel Trengrove IBW

    Rachel Trengrove
    Health Centre Nurse

    Watch out for fatigue

    At the College Health Centre, we have seen many students battling fatigue during Term 2. Some boys are still recovering from a viral illness, feeling overwhelmed by their commitments and study, or simply not getting enough sleep.

    We continue to encourage students to strive to maintain a balance in their lives, setting aside some time for relaxing and recharging.

    Here are a few tips to help boys be at their best.

    • Take care of yourself Eat right, sleep well (including having a bedtime routine), breathe deep, get some exercise, and hydrate (carry a drink bottle). A little self-care can go a long way to boosting health outcomes.
    • Give yourself a break Sometimes you just cannot do it all. That is not necessarily a bad thing as there are only limited hours in a day to achieve your goals. Focus on the most important tasks and move on to the others when you can.
    • Take time to reboot – Make sure you have a walk, chat with a friend, or perhaps read a book. By doing a short burst of physical activity or having a healthy snack or drink, you can be re-energised. Find an activity that works and build it into your day. A bit of ‘me time’ can be very beneficial.

    It is important to make the most of the school holidays and that the boys take the time to recharge. We wish everyone a lovely break and look forward to seeing the boys return in good spirits in Term 3.

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      Uniform Shop

      Staff Craig Moffat SQ

      Craig Moffatt
      Uniform Shop

      Uniform Shop opening hours

      Term 2

      1 June–30 June (Term time)
      Mondays, 10am–4pm
      Tuesdays, 10.30am–4pm
      Wednesdays, 10am–3pm
      Friday 30 June, 12–4pm

      11–14 July (school holidays)
      Tuesday to Friday, 11am–3pm

      Term 3

      17 July–15 September (Term time)
      Mondays, 10am–4pm
      Tuesdays, 10.30am–4pm
      Wednesdays, 10am–3pm
      Fridays, 12–4pm

      3–6 October (school holidays)
      Tuesday to Friday, 11am–3pm

      Term 4

      9–31 October (Term time)
      Mondays, 10am–4pm
      Tuesdays, 10.30am–4pm
      Wednesdays, 10am–3pm
      Fridays, 12–4pm

      The hours for the Uniform Shop from November 2023–February 2024 will be published soon.

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      Latest News & Events

      2023 03 house music

      Sell-out House Music another triumph

      Last night’s eagerly-awaited annual House Music competition was a stunning showcase of the talent at Christ’s College.

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      2023 01 chess cant champs

      College on board for national title chase

      Christ's College chess players have made all the right moves at the Canterbury Regional Schools Championships, with the top teams winning the A and B grades.

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      2023 04 clay target june

      Sights set on clay target titles

      Kieran Christey has claimed top spot following a perfect score in the single rise event at the Intercollegiate Clay Target Shooting competition at the Timaru Clay Target Club.

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      Upcoming Events


      Friday 30 June, 6–9pmChrist's College Parents' Association Midwinter Drinks
      Ticket sales close 12pm today – Book now.
      Wednesday 19 July, 6pmDunedin Young Old Boys (YOBs) Event

      Register now.

      Friday 28 July, 12pmWellington Long Lunch
      Register now
      Wednesday 2 August, 6pmAkaroa Community Visit
      Register now

      Tuesday 8 August, 6pm

      Hawke's Bay Community Visit
      Register now.
      Friday 8 September, 7–10.30pmChrist's College Parents' Association Spring Bling
      Book now.
      Wednesday 29 November, 6pmChristchurch Young Old Boys (YOBs) Event
      Register now

      Friday 8 September, 10.15am–12pmGrandparents' Day

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      That Bloody Woman – Ticket discount offer for College families

      College families can use a special discount code (for performances from 5–9 July) to book seats for That Bloody Woman – presented by Showbiz Christchurch – in the Christ’s College Auditorium. Discounted tickets will be $58.50 (usually $75).

      Book here and enter the code COLLEGE to unlock the 'Christ’s College Special Price (with Code)'.

      Created by Luke di Somma and Gregory Cooper, That Bloody Woman captures the story of Kate Sheppard’s fight for equality and the right to vote in an irreverent, inspirational rock opera. Bursting with powerful rock, wit, and energy, That Bloody Woman portrays Kate Sheppard’s game-changing role in establishing New Zealand's ground-breaking identity and unleashing a wave of positive change for women around the world.

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      Staff Chris Sellars

      Chris Sellars
      Careers Advisor

      Upcoming careers dates

      1 JulyUniversity of Otago, applications open for most scholarships
      1 JulyLincoln University scholarship applications open
      10 JulyUC Year 13 Fine Arts holiday workshop
      20 JulyUC Digital Screen Information Evening, 5.30–7.30pm
      25 JulyUniversity of Melbourne at College, 9–9.50am
      25 JulyUniversity of Auckland presentation, College, 1pm
      25 JulyUniversity of Auckland Information Evening, 6–8pm, Novotel Hotel, Cathedral Square
      27 JulyUC Information Evening (repeat of 9 May)
      31 JulyNCEA Options Evening
      1 AugustOtago residential colleges, applications open online
      1 AugustUC residential colleges, applications open online
      3 AugustMassey University (Manawatū) campus Taster Day
      9 AugustUC information session for Year 12, 10.20–10.50am
      10 AugustUniversity of Otago course planning, 8.15am
      15 AugustUniversity of Otago, closing date for entrance scholarships
      15 AugustUC scholarship applications due
      15 AugustLincoln University, scholarship applications close
      17 AugustUniversity of Otago course planning, 8.15am
      24 AugustAra-specific dual enrolment event, 5.30–7pm
      25 AugustMassey University (Wellington) Open Day (TBC)
      25 AugustVictoria University of Wellington Open Day
      26 AugustAUT Live Open Day
      26 AugustUniversity of Auckland Open Day
      AugustUniversity of Auckland scholarships applications close
      8 SeptemberUC Open Day
      15 SeptemberCommon Confidential Reference Forms (CCRF) due
      27 SeptemberUC accommodation applications close
      29 SeptemberLincoln University Open Day (school holidays)
      30 SeptemberUniversity of Otago, residential colleges applications due
      30 SeptemberUniversity of Auckland, first-round accommodation applications close
      OctoberHalls and scholarship offers made
      1 OctoberUC applications to enrol open
      1 OctoberUniversity of Auckland, applications to study open
      DecemberStudyLink applications due
      10 DecemberUniversity of Otago and UC enrolments due
      10 DecemberUniversity of Auckland applications to study close
      JanuaryFormal offers of places to universities

      Christ's College CareerWise

      The Christ’s College careers website, CareerWise, is a rich source of information about all things related to career information. Check it out and sign up for weekly alerts by subscribing here.

      Below are recent postings on the College careers website:

      Lincoln University – application to enrol

      Create your MyLinc account and submit your application in MyLinc. Use an email that you can access and a password you can remember. Once your MyLinc account is set up, log in to make your application. Let Lincoln University know what you would like to study. Accept your offer on MyLinc.

      Victoria University of Wellington – admission and enrolment from 2024

      Students have to register for a Pūaha account to apply for admission, scholarships, and accommodation. For the first time, all these applications are in the same place. Read the steps to apply and enrol.

      UC scholarships

      Applications for 2024 UC scholarships are open and are due by 15 August. Future student advisors will visit some schools, and there is a video online with tips and advice on how students can submit the best application possible.

      University of Otago scholarships and eVision

      All applications must be completed via eVision. Applicants should use a personal email when using eVision. For more information, go to Otago scholarships.

      MoneyHub – scholarships

      A guide to scholarships for any student planning to start university in 2024. MoneyHub has also published tips for scholarship applications.

      CCRF – Term 3

      The New Zealand Common Confidential Reference Form (CCRF) is an online university accommodation reference form. Students fill in the form at the same time as they apply to the halls of residence for their chosen university (or universities). They can register for accommodation at several universities on one form. Once boys have completed and submitted the form, their Housemaster will complete the school section. Applications for halls of residence open on 1 August and close about 27 September. Go to the student registration for the CCRF.

      In Black & White – Careers

      I share a range of relevant information with parents and boys via In Black & White. However, I am aware that not all boys read the school newsletter, so I hope parents will use the information provided as a springboard for investigation, discussion, and inspiration to support their sons as they consider their futures. Please contact me with any suggestions regarding careers, or if you require any career-related advice for your son.

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      From the Archives

      Jane Teal


      Today we obtain a ticket to a show, sports event, or an overseas holiday all by the push of a button and a scarcely remembered password. We still must show our mobile phone (or a printout if we are still a bit old-fashioned) to get our seat. Electronic ticketing means that payment is easily controlled and the number of seats available easily identified.

      In the past, it was necessary to collect a piece of paper or cardboard – often numbered – well before the event, from a designated location.

      So how did Christ’s College cope with ticketing drama productions, rugby matches, College groups or an invitation to College events? The College Press Club produced many of these tickets on a Heidelberg printing press, tucked under the Open Air classrooms. The club’s sample books are held in the College Archives.

      Tickets were needed for sports events.

      And for concerts and House suppers.

      They were also needed to attend events.

      And to attend joint Christ’s College and St Margaret’s College productions.

      Also, to make sure you had a seat in the Chapel.

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