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From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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Well done to all the boys who have represented College at Winter Tournament Week and a special thank you to all the coaches, staff, and parents for their ongoing support.

It has been wonderful to see so many boys involved. Congratulations to the Junior XI on the grand final win in the Junior South Island Invitational Football Tournament and to the Senior A Basketball team for reaching the final of the South Island Premiership in Dunedin.

Relationships matter

When watching boys involved in any aspect of our programme, it affirms the great strengths of a school like ours – relationships forged both inside and outside the classroom and the benefits of a breadth of experience shared together. Often, to recognise the strengths in others, we need to see that person in a variety of different contexts. Just like us, our strengths are not always immediately obvious at the first impression or during regular interactions because those impressions are made in a particular circumstance. By having boys and staff (both teaching and non-teaching, internal and external) experience one another more holistically, we then come to appreciate what people can bring and who they are.

A boy who may be a little reserved in class suddenly emerges as the natural leader on the hockey turf. A staff member who is perceived as business-like, day-to-day, transforms to coach or manage the team with humour, vitality, and warmth. What this all means for a school like ours is that our relationships are enriched and our community nourished, as we know the most vital thing in our lives is the quality of relationships we have with people. This is why we encourage our boys to be involved in as many different activities as possible and why we are so fortunate that our staff are willing and empowered to enable this.

College works because of the quality of its relationships and long may that be so – no matter where and when they are forged.

Leaving College?

If your son does not plan to return to College in 2024, please email to let us know by the end of Week 1, Term 4. We would appreciate earlier notice if possible, with a high demand for places. Later notice will likely incur fees for Term 1, 2024.

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Boarding Matters

Staff Ben Vink 8793 2222 SQ

Ben Vink
Deputy Principal – Student Care

Covid-19 response changes in boarding

Following the dropping of the Covid-19 requirements by the Ministry of Health, we are implementing changes for our boarding students.

Please note the following:

  • If a boarder goes to the Health Centre with Covid-19 symptoms, they will be tested.
  • If you do not want your son tested for Covid-19, you must contact the Health Centre – – so that this can be noted in your son’s record.
  • The intention of testing is so that you and we have a clearer idea of the cause of the symptoms.

We are mindful of the affects of long Covid, and the importance of you and your son preparing for a return to sport or strenuous exercise. We are also aware of the variation in the severity of Covid-19 and the best approach.

With our Years 11–13 students who have minor symptoms, we take the same approach that we do with minor ailments, such as colds. We move the student from the boarding community and school, monitoring him in Jacobs House.

With our younger students, we keep them in the boarding House sickbay overnight and the Health Centre during the day.

If they have severe symptoms, as determined by our nurses, we will ask that the student is cared for offsite by a parent or a guardian or returns to his home. We do not have the medical capacity to deal with severe illness or very contagious illness.

What's for dinner?

View the Dining Hall menu produced by the talented team at Spotless.

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Curriculum News

Staff Nicole Billante

Nicole Billante
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

Examine the best approach to lifting study efforts

A significant term in the academic domain is drawing to a close.

Senior students have completed the Derived Grade exams and are in the midst of receiving their results. It is important to remember that there are still more than four weeks of class time, and about eight weeks until the NCEA exams start. If the results are not at the desired level, there is still time to put in the mahi to lift grades in the final exam. If the results are pleasing, momentum needs to be maintained.

Boys need to build study strategies – such as spaced practice, interweaving, and retrieval practice – into their homework routine. Further information on this approach can be found on The Learning Scientists website. I have shared these resources with the boys in a range of contexts, including Immerse & Inspire and MINDfit.

For the Diploma students, they have been given their latest ‘progress badge’ towards Academic Engagement in Ngā Miha Mātauranga. This is a reflection of the average of all their IPGs for effort and respect during their Diploma years. Year 11 boys have two more IPG rounds to secure their goals for this element. If they are falling short of where they want to be, I encourage them to reach out to discuss specific goals in order to get there. I am very proud of the boys who have taken on board the feedback from these ‘progress badges’ and upped their effort. I have seen this translate to greater learning outcomes, which is the ultimate goal.

Our Year 9 students are in their last trimester. At this time of year, with the junior students more comfortable at school and a hint of spring in the air, their focus can wane. However, they need to keep working to make the most of all their lessons. With some subjects just starting, there is much to learn as a foundation for Diploma courses. Similarly, the year-long courses continue to build on their learning programmes, increasing the depth of topics and expectations of output. I believe our Year 9 students can meet these challenges and ensure a strong finish to the term.

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Hannah Clarkson IBW

Hannah Clarkson
Director of Drama

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.

A marvellous magical car, adventures galore, a dastardly villian, and pitch-perfect songs all set the scene for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr.

Join us for a delightful escapade as our joint Years 9–10 Production with Rangi Ruru Girls’ School – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr. – drives into our Old Boys’ Theatre from Tuesday 7 November to Saturday 11 November. Book here.

The much-loved story features eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts, the lovely Truly Scrumptious, and an ingenious flying car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Along with the Potts children, Jeremy and Jemima, they take a thrilling journey in order to outwit the dastardly Baron Bomburst, who covets the wonderful car. They also then have to rescue the kidnapped children from the clutches of the wicked Baron and Baroness in Vulgaria.

Filled with catchy tunes and magical scenes, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr. is a wonderful theatrical experience for audiences of all ages, so book your seats – toot sweet.

Advertising package

You can support the joint Christ’s College & Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Years 9–10 Production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr. by advertising in the programme.

For only $250 (+GST) you can secure a half-page advertisement in the production programme, as well as two tickets to a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr. performance of your choice. The programme will be A4, and printed in-house.

To book your advertisement, please contact Senior Development Manager Shelley Keach at

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Staff Robert Aburn 0247 SQ

Robert Aburn
Director of Music

Sedley Wells Music Competition

Our annual Christ’s College Sedley Wells Music Competition on Monday 16 October from 7–8.30pm in the Assembly Hall provides a wonderful opportunity for our instrumentalists and vocalists to perform solo items in a formal setting.

The competition is divided into two categories – Junior (Years 9–10) and Senior (Years 11–13) – and features an impressive range of musical styles and instruments. We also have two separate categories for our vocal soloists.

The Sedley Wells Music Competition is named in honour of an Old Boy benefactor, Richard Wells. Richard oversaw the Sedley Wells music store, which was founded by his father, Sedley. Initially, the aim of the competition was to support instrumental performance. Today, it is a premier musical event – featuring both instrumentalists and vocalists across a range of ages – on the College calendar.

Each instrumentalist presents a major work – either with or without accompaniment – and it is assessed on the performance, rather than the musical score. The adjudicator considers the whole performance, communication, ability, and the performer’s skill in bringing the music to life, along with his capacity to engage an audience. These are all critical traits in any musical performance. As with the instrumentalists, the adjudicator notes how well the vocalist communicates with the audience and brings the song to life, along with how well they convey their joy in performing.

Originally, there was no junior competition. However, that is no longer the case and we have appreciated many remarkable performances by younger students in recent years. We also now have separate vocal sections for senior and junior performers and that has been highly competitive over the past few years. It all adds to the diversity of the programme.

Both the senior and junior instrumentalist winners then perform at the respective prize-giving ceremonies at the end of the school year.

If you love musical performances, we look forward to you joining us in the audience.

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IBW sedley wells 2023

From the Chaplain

Staff Cameron Pickering 1608 SQ

The Rev'd Canon Cameron Pickering

Everyone's welcome at Chapel services

Tēnā koutou katoa.

Peace to you all in the name of God.

We look forward to welcoming grandparents to Chapel this Friday during their time with us and their grandsons. We also welcome any parents/caregivers, grandparents, and supporters to our Sunday Evening Chapel services, with the next service on Sunday 10 September at 7pm. It will be a final chance to donate foodstuffs to the City Mission as part of our Chapel mission this term. To date, we have delivered more than 500 items to the Anglican City Mission in Term 3. We will distribute more in the final week following the upcoming service and as a result of being able to buy more items through the generous collections.

On Friday 13 October (Week One of Term 4) at 6.45pm, there will be a Baptism Service in the Chapel, welcoming several students to the Body of Christ the Church. Final reminders to the boys, especially in Year 9, will be sent this week. If boys are interested in being baptised, can they please contact me directly. We hope to hold Confirmation classes and a service led by our Warden and Bishop in the new year.

From 1 September through to the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on 4 October, the Church celebrates a Season of Creation. It is timely to re-examine our relationship with the environment and the impact of each of us – in our lifestyle choices – on the environment. Thanks to the Eco-Action Nursery and the work of our students with Mr Newton, Christ’s College is well placed throughout the year to focus on good stewardship as a theological model for living.

An interesting film, made by the Catholic Church, addressing the theology of The Season for Creation, can be found here.

I hope the boys enjoy a rest at the end of next week. It has been a busy term at school, and also on the courts and fields, and in the theatres and concert venues around the city.

Yours in Christ,
The Rev'd Cameron Pickering

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Health Centre

Nicky Taylor IBW

Nicky Taylor
Health Centre Nurse

Rachel Trengrove IBW

Rachel Trengrove
Health Centre Nurse

Covid-19 guidelines update

With the removal of Covid-19 restrictions, please note the following Health Centre advice to minimise the spread of infections:

  • Please test for Covid-19 if your son is symptomatic.
  • Please keep boys at home while they are unwell, as with any other infectious illness. Most people are highly infectious for the first five days of Covid-19. After this period, transmission rates start to wane.
  • On a boy’s return to school, we strongly recommend that they wear a mask for five days, even if they are asymptomatic.
  • Please encourage your son to wear a mask for the entire period of his illness when he is symptomatic. We want to protect the medically vulnerable in our community.
  • The responsibility remains with parents to ensure their son is well enough to return to school.
  • With regard to sport, the coach/manager will assess individual circumstances and conditions to determine an appropriate graduated return to physical activity and play.
  • If it is believed your son is not ready to participate, appropriate parent communication will take place to explain the reasons.
  • Your son’s health and wellbeing take priority, so if there are concerns, caution will be exercised in the decision.
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    Uniform Shop

    Staff Craig Moffat SQ

    Craig Moffatt
    Uniform Shop

    Year 12 – made-to-measure blazer

    If you require a made-to-measure blazer for your son moving into Year 12 next year, please ensure that you contact the Uniform Shop as soon as possible to arrange a measurement fitting. All blazer measurements must be confirmed by 1 November.

    In order to meet the demand for College senior blazers, we must provide the supplier with the measurement details as soon as possible. The supplier will not be open in January.

    Please contact me directly to arrange a booking for your son, and ensure that he brings his previous blazer for reference, if it is also a made-to-measure blazer.

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    Latest News & Events

    2023 01 cantamath

    Separate skills count in College Cantamath team win

    All the numbers have added up to a big win for Christ’s College in the Cantamath team competition, with Ericsson Ye, JJ Wada, Charlie de Costobadie, and Josh Shannahan racing to the Year 10 title and claiming the perfect-score golden ticket.

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    2023 02 winter tournament

    Junior XI on title target at SI football tournament

    Christ’s College has won the Junior South Island Invitational Football Tournament in Dunedin, with the Junior XI outplaying Otago Boys’ High School in the grand final, 2–0.

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    Junior A Basketball Grocott Trophy Winners

    Three-pointer lands Junior A basketball title

    The Christ’s College Junior A basketball team has lifted the inaugural Grocott Trophy, securing the three-point win over Hillmorton High School in overtime at Cowles Stadium.

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    IMG 20230826 164152

    Ben Crawford and Riley Crampton pedal to medals

    Star cyclists Ben Crawford and Riley Crampton have geared up to race away with all the titles – including two national titles each – at the 2023 Skoda Southern Tour schools cycling event.

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    2023 01 thomas clayson

    Young College golfer on course for title tilt

    Christ’s College Year 9 boarder Thomas Clayson will tee up at the New Zealand U16 Golf Championship in Timaru this month.

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    Upcoming Events


    Wednesday 6 September 7.30–9pmRock On – A rock concert featuring bands from Christ's College and Rangi Ruru Girls' School in the Assembly Hall

    Thursday 7 September, 7pm

    Combined Orchestra Concert with St Margaret's College, Charles Luney Auditorium

    Friday 8 September, 10.15am–12pm

    Grandparents' Day
    Book now.
    Friday 8 September, 7–10.30pmChrist's College Parents' Association Spring Bling
    Book now.
    Saturday 9 September, 8–9.30amYear 9 Father and Son Breakfast
    Book now.
    Saturday 9 September, 7.30–11pmCollege Senior Ball, Te Pae
    Sunday 10 September, 7pmChapel Service – Choral Evensong
    Wednesday 13 September, 7–8pm

    Independent Schools Encore Choral Festival, Assembly Hall

    Friday 15 September, 3–4pmDiploma Q&A for boarding parents
    Register now.
    Wednesday 4 October, 6pmTokyo Community Visit
    Register now.

    Saturday 7 October, 6pm

    Thailand Community Visit
    Register now.
    Wednesday 11 October, 7–8.30amBusiness Banter with former CEO, The New Zealand Merino Company, John Brakenridge

    Register now.

    Wednesday 18 October, 10.15am65 Years On Reunion
    Register now.

    75 Years On Reunion

    Register now.

    Wednesday 18 October, 12pmGentlemen's Lunch
    Register now.
    Friday 20 October, 12pmChrist's College Parents' Association Pink Lunch

    Book now.

    Wednesday 25 October, 6–8pm

    South Canterbury Community Visit
    Register now

    Thursday 26 October, 6–8pmAshburton Community Visit
    Register now.
    Tuesday 31 October, 6–8pmBlenheim Community Visit
    Register now
    Wednesday 1 November, 5–7pmNelson Community Visit
    Register now.
    Tuesday 7 November–Saturday 11 November

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr – Christ's College and Rangi Ruru Girls School' Years 9–10 production
    Book now.

    Tuesday 21 November, 6–8pmWanaka Community Visit
    Register now.
    Friday 24 November, 12pmChristchurch Long Lunch

    Register now.

    Wednesday 29 November, 6pmChristchurch Young Old Boys (YOBs) Event
    Register now

    Friday 1 December, 1–3pm

    Years 9–13 Prizegiving, Christchurch Town Hall
    Friday 1 December, 4–5pmYear 13 Leavers' Chapel Service, Christ's College Chapel
    Saturday 2 December, 7.30–11pmYear 13 Leavers' Ball, Air Force Museum
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    Christ’s College Old Boys’ Association

    Lizzie Dyer The Quad

    Lizzie Dyer
    Alumni Manager

    Christ’s College Students & Old Boys’ Art Exhibition

    A multi-layered exhibition that showcases a stunning array of artworks by Old Boys and students will open at Christ’s College in October.

    Featuring a range of vibrant and striking pieces, the Christ’s College Students & Old Boys’ Art Exhibition will be unveiled at a special, invitation-only, opening night in the Assembly Foyer on Friday 13 October from 6–8pm. The exhibition will then be open to the public from Saturday 14 October–Sunday 15 October, from 10am–8pm.

    For Old Boy artist and curator Oli Aikawa, the exhibition offers a rare opportunity to “showcase the artistic talent that Christ’s College has helped to nurture and develop”.

    “The upcoming exhibition also builds on the past, with Old Boys joining with younger artists and students to exhibit a remarkable range of art in the Assembly Foyer.

    “Among the Old Boys and students, there are many talented artists with amazing visual arts skills. All want to share their work with a wider audience.

    “I am committed to reinstating the tradition of the College art exhibition, and now feel that this integral element of College life has been restored to its rightful place.”

    An award-winning painter, Oli has created his own collection of works – titled Kā Pākihi-whakatekateka-a-Waitaha – for the exhibition. It features his favourite moments in time and much-loved Canterbury landscapes.

    Exhibition dates

    Saturday 14–Sunday 15 October, 10am–8pm
    Exhibition (open to the public)

    Monday 16 October, 6pm
    Open to those attending the Sedley Wells Music Competition

    Wednesday 18 October, 10am–2pm
    Open to those Old Boys attending the Gentlemen's Lunch and the 65 & 75 Years On Reunion

    Friday 20 October, 11am
    Open to those attending The Pink Lunch

    Some of the young artists featuring at the upcoming exhibition.
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    Staff Chris Sellars

    Chris Sellars
    Careers Advisor

    Upcoming careers dates

    SeptemberApplications open online for Otago residential colleges

    Applications open online for UC residential colleges

    8 SeptemberUC Open Day
    15 SeptemberCommon Confidential Reference Forms (CCRF) due
    27 SeptemberUC accommodation applications close
    29 SeptemberLincoln University Open Day (school holidays)
    30 SeptemberUniversity of Otago residential colleges applications due
    30 SeptemberUniversity of Auckland first-round accommodation applications close
    OctoberHalls and scholarship offers made
    1 OctoberUC applications to enrol open
    1 OctoberUniversity of Auckland applications to study open
    DecemberStudyLink applications due
    10 DecemberUniversity of Otago and UC enrolments due
    10 DecemberUniversity of Auckland applications to study close
    JanuaryFormal offers of places to universities

    Christ's College CareerWise

    The Christ’s College careers website, CareerWise, is a rich source of information about all things related to career information. Check it out and sign up for weekly alerts by subscribing here.

    Below are recent postings on the College careers website:

    School subject selection – Term 3

    Boys choosing their subjects this term – for 2024 – can check out these best preparation links to aid their decisions regarding university and polytechnic study

    Parents as passengers on their teen’s career journey

    Understand the career process so you can successfully guide your teen through the career exploration process. Click here.

    Exam preparation

    Discover the NCEA resources to help attain the best grades and prepare for upcoming internals and externals.

    StudyLink – student loans and allowances

    If boys intend to apply for a student loan or allowance, they need to register and apply online through StudyLink. As this can take time, it is best to get under way sooner rather than later.

    University study – having a Plan B

    As boys leave College, they are generally confident about their future study or immediate career decisions. However, some may opt to change direction during their study. For example, we recommend that students who enrol in Health Sciences First Year have an alternative plan in place in case they do not get into their preferred degree programme. A change is understandable and acceptable.

    MoneyHub – a guide to apprenticeships

    Learn more about apprenticeships. This guide covers everything you need to know – from what an apprenticeship is through to the process of applying and the eligibility requirements.

    In Black & White – Careers

    I share a range of relevant information with parents and boys via In Black & White. However, I am aware that not all boys read the school newsletter, so I hope parents will use the information provided as a springboard for investigation, discussion, and inspiration to support their sons as they consider their futures. Please contact me with any suggestions regarding careers, or if you require any career-related advice for your son.

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    From the Archives

    Jane Teal


    When you sign your name in a textbook, you probably do not think that the textbook or your name in it, or even the annotations – useful and humorous – will be around in more than 100 years.

    The College Archives have textbooks in the collection and the three earliest examples all relate to Latin – a subject taught at Christ’s College from the very beginning.i

    Thomas Ethelbert Page was an Assistant Master at Charterhouse when Macmillan & Co. published his 1897 translation of Book 2 of Virgil’s Aeneid in the Elementary Classics Series.ii In it, Aeneas relates the storm and sack of Troy and his own escape, along with his father, Anchises, and his son, Ascanius.iii

    As the inscriptions show, Noel Anstruther Griffin (1996) was issued the book in 1902 but it was not used again until 1922–1926, when Denis Roberts Balcombe-Brown (3451) took possession of it. Again, another gap until 1946–1949 when Christopher William Chalklin (5553) inscribed his name in it. Exactly which member of the Pritchett family crossed out NA Griffin is unclear, but it does indicate another period of use.iv

    One of these students wanted to be clear whom were the Greeks and Trojans. As a result, the back page has a list.

    John Dow Williams (2890), whose name appears in Vergil Aeneid Xv, was in School House from 1915–1918vi and, like the users of the previous volume, made a list of the main protagonists. He was concerned about the metre in which the story was written.

    The Aeneid is written in hexameter verse, which contains six ‘feet’ of which there are only three admissible. The dactyl has one long syllable followed by two short ones, while the spondee has two long syllables. Williams’ notes show how this can be varied.

    The story of Aeneas Part 1, translated by A Harrian Allcroft, is, unfortunately, missing its title page, so its date of publication is unknown. However, it was certainly recycled over the years.vii

    Charles Stuart Perry (3061) left a vital clue, along with his signature, and, by using the form lists, it was found that he was in VL1 in 1924. This was a Latin class above his actual form level.

    John Hildebrand Holderness (3820) left behind similar clues, and, again, by recourse to the form lists, it was established that he was in Form V2b in 1929. In December that year, he was 5th in a Latin class of 25. His overall class placing was 1st, and he had accumulated five stars over the years. However, he is not mentioned in the Prize List. Books were only given to those placed 1st in individual subjects.viii

    James Francis Robert Cotter (4556) was next to take possession of the volume in his final year at College in 1940 when he, too, was in the 5th Form, this time in V2a. By this date, placings in individual subjects were not recorded.

    Ten years later, the volume was issued again. This time to ED Turner, whom, after investigation, was found to be Edgar Dunstan Turner (5628) in Julius House. In 1950, Turner was in the 6th Form. Finally, Greville Christopher Nigel Wilson (7773) inscribed his name in 1968.

    i Lyttelton Times March 8 1851.

    ii This edition was published in 1897 following revision in October 1893 by Rev’d GH Hall of Westminster.
    iii The Aeneid consists of 12 books and is an epic poem.
    iv Delabere Geoffrey Torlesse Pritchett (2365, at College 1907–1911); John Torlesse Pritchett (2661, at College 1912–1914); Keith Cuthbert Torlesse Pritchett (3108, at College 1918–1923).
    v This edition was edited with English Notes by A Sidgwick and published by the Cambridge University Press in 1903.
    vi SHL may be Luttrell.
    vii The initials HH are a puzzle. There is no obvious candidate in either the College or staff lists for the years 1917–1925.
    viii Christ’s College Register April 1930.

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