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From the Executive Principal

Staff Garth Wynne

Garth Wynne
Executive Principal

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The final Assembly for our Years 12 and 13 boys last week was again a celebration of engagement and success across the College programme.

Assembly is a time of student voice and support for others. I have a theme that I speak to in relation to the excellence we enjoy. It comes from a story I heard from Australian Olympian Andrew Gaze at a Boarding Leaders Conference many years ago. Andrew told of his experience living in the Olympic village and sharing breakfast, casual conversations, and inspirational vignettes with superstars. He spoke of how he felt an atmosphere of excellence.

That is what I hope for at College – an atmosphere that inspires and a place where every boy can both contribute to, and catch some motivation from our 'atmosphere'. This feeling is a creative, eclectic, collective effort from staff and boys influenced by the encouragement of parents at so many levels and in so many ways. How fortunate we are to be a part of something so special.

Maggie Dent podcast

Our new parents of Year 9 students in 2023 and 2024 have been given copies of a book by Australian educator Maggie Dent as part of their welcome to Christ’s College. Maggie is a parenting and resilience specialist, with a particular interest in the early years and adolescence. Check out a podcast on parenting, titled 'How Maggie Dent Helps Dads Dad'.

Annual Appeal

With the launch of this year’s Annual Appeal to raise funds to furnish the Christ's College Museum, we are preparing to ‘Bring our heritage into the light’ in time for our 175-year celebrations in 2025.

Our appeal gets under way on Monday 6 November, so please look out for an email from us on that day. We are asking you to help us create a place – packed with stories, treasures, and memories – where we can share our 175 years.

Our appeal – titled ‘Bring our heritage into the light’ – will create a special place in the Hare Memorial Library (overlooking the Quad at the heart of College). For those returning to College, the Museum will be a place to unlock our memories or explore our past. For our current and future students, it will be where they connect with our unique and enduring legacy, delve into the meaning of our traditions, and discover how the school has evolved.

The Museum will feature the finest contemporary design and facilities, wrapped in a heritage building. It will house and display many of the school’s treasures, including:

  • Sports gear, drama costumes, and uniforms through the ages
  • Important historical documents
  • Photo archives
  • A visual timeline
  • Significant artefacts laden with meaning

Our heritage lives on in every boy who passes through the College gates, but it also deserves to be proudly displayed. If you are in a position to contribute, please help us to preserve our heritage and bring it into the light to benefit generations to come.
You can donate here.

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Boarding Matters

Staff Ben Vink 8793 2222 SQ

Ben Vink
Deputy Principal – Student Care

Who to call for an update on your son’s health

As we look to next year, it is timely to consider some matters raised by our community. This includes the role of the House matron and knowing who cares for students when they are unwell.

The primary point of contact regarding your son’s health is the matron of each Boarding House. All matrons are available from 6.30am until 10am and again from 2.30pm to 7pm. The matrons communicate with the Health Centre, our overnight nurse, Kirsty Black, and House staff. They can take students to medical appointments during their working hours. However, like everyone, that is dependent on appointment times.

If your son becomes ill during the day, the Health Centre and/or the matron will update you on their condition, and the plan for their care. If your son remains in isolation within the House, this will be set up for the night, prior to the matron going off duty. The matron will brief the House staff who will check on your son and the overnight nurse who will also check in on the student. All boys are able to contact the overnight nurse directly throughout the night via the call button. In the morning, if the overnight nurse has been up with an ill student, she will let the matron know and she will notify the parents and the Health Centre staff.

During the weekends, matrons Karen Adams and Sharon Cryer share the responsibility of the boys’ care across the three boarding Houses. They work one weekend on and one weekend off. The first point of contact for parents is the House duty phone and the duty staff will refer parents to either Karen or Sharon.

Boarding Programme

Our boarders have had a busy weekend, following the Rugby World Cup final with a trip to Game Over for go karting and arcade games.

2023 01 boarding activity oct
2023 02 boarding activity oct
2023 03 boarding activity oct
2023 04 boarding activity oct
2023 05 boarding activity oct jpg
2023 06 boarding activity oct jpg

What's for dinner?

View the Dining Hall menu produced by the talented team at Spotless.

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Curriculum News

Staff Nicole Billante

Nicole Billante
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

Testing Time

Years 12–13 students are officially on study leave. Their examinations start on Monday and we wish the boys all the best for ending the year well.

Teachers are available this week during normal timetable periods for any assistance. From next week, teachers are still available to help any boys. However, the boys are asked to contact teachers to arrange a specific time. If boys have any issues, such as illness or emergencies, on the day of their exams, they need to contact Dr Aitken as the Principal’s Nominee immediately, who will advise the student on the correct course of action.

Change to Year 11 Prep exam dates

The original schedule for Year 11 Prep examinations put severe pressure on some students who had multiple exams across several days. In order to alleviate this, our curriculum leaders have decided to add an additional day of exams.

Exams will now run from Wednesday 15 November–Wednesday 22 November (instead of starting on Thursday 16 November). While some boys will still have days with two exams, there will be sufficient time between exam sessions for boys to rest and regroup.

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Wellbeing Education

Staff Caroline Black 6072 SQ

Caroline Black
Director of Wellbeing Education

Prioritising wellbeing – study strategies for exams

As we prepare for the upcoming NCEA exams for our Years 12–13 students, along with the Prep exams for our Year 11 boys, it is vital to approach all exams with a focus on overall wellbeing. Balancing academic success with personal wellbeing is not only achievable, but also essential.

Below are some effective study techniques that can not only lead to excellent results, but also contribute to a healthier, happier, and more balanced approach to study.

  • Start with self-care: Wellbeing starts with taking care of yourself. Ensure you get enough sleep, eat nourishing meals, and engage in regular exercise. A healthy body and mind are better equipped for learning.
  • Practice mindfulness: Incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. These practices can help reduce stress and improve concentration, making your study sessions more effective.
  • Set realistic goals: Define achievable study goals and milestones. This not only eases pressure, but also provides a sense of accomplishment as you progress.
  • Stay connected: Do not isolate yourself while studying. Form study groups to stay connected with friends and share knowledge. Social interactions are vital for your emotional wellbeing.
  • Maintain perspective: Remember that exams are just one part of your journey. Your self-worth is not determined by your grades. Celebrate your efforts, your growth, and your progress.
  • Stay active: Incorporate physical activity into your study routine. A quick walk or some stretching can boost your energy and help you stay focused.
  • Seek support: Reach out for help when you need it. Do not hesitate to ask your teachers, our school counsellors, or family and friends for support and guidance during challenging times.
  • Practice self-compassion: Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that it is OK to make mistakes and that learning is a process.
  • Maintain a growth mindset: Understand that you can improve and grow. A growth mindset not only fosters a love for learning, but also reduces the fear of failure.

By shifting our approach to exams through a wellbeing lens, we create a healthier and more balanced environment for ourselves. Remember that your wellbeing matters and we are here to support you every step of the way.

For further tips and information, explore SchoolTV’s great range of resources titled Exam Jitters.

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      Staff Emma Stilwell 1600 SQ 2023 05 16 000200

      Emma Stilwell

      End-of-year book returns

      As the end of the year approaches, so, too, do the textbook and library book return dates. Any books that are not returned by the final dates detailed below will be charged to the November statement. Students will receive reminders in the lead up to these final dates.

      We encourage boys to read over summer. If your son wants to take books out for the holidays, please remind him to return all library books so that they can be reissued until February. Those books must be returned in the first week of Term 1 2024 or they will be charged to the February 2024 statement.

      Years 9–10 – All books must be returned by Thursday 16 November, and prior to the end-of-year service or outdoor education programmes.

      Year 11 – All books to be returned by Thursday 16 November. However, textbooks may be retained for slightly longer for prep exams and will not be charged to accounts for late returns until Wednesday 22 November.

      Years 12–13 – All books must be returned by Monday 27 November. All students leaving College MUST meet this deadline to ensure that there is no book-related charge in the final statement. This later return date enables students to retain textbooks for any late exams. However, students are urged to return books as soon as the relevant exam ends.

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      From the Chaplain

      Staff Cameron Pickering 1608 SQ

      The Rev'd Canon Cameron Pickering

      Statement from the Anglican and Catholic Bishops of Aotearoa New Zealand

      The Anglican and Catholic Bishops of Aotearoa New Zealand have expressed their anguish and dismay at the bloodshed and destruction under way in the Holy Land in a joint statement released at the conclusion of their joint meeting last week.

      The Bishops request ongoing prayer for peace and offer a word of caution to New Zealanders not to let high emotions lead to anti-Semitism or Islamophobia.

      The Bishops' statement follows in full below:

      War is once again destroying people’s lives in the Holy Land. This new cycle of violence in this long conflict brings us new images of bloodied bodies and the anguished cries and faces of children, women and men – both Palestinian and Israeli. We’re seeing homes destroyed, lives shattered and hope for peace strangled.

      The Anglican and Catholic Bishops of Aotearoa New Zealand, meeting together in Wellington, jointly express their horror at the latest acts of violence and join international voices in calling for an immediate ceasefire.

      Anglican Archbishop Philip Richardson said: “Hospitals and civilian infrastructure are protected under International Humanitarian Law. Such niceties of law did not protect the wounded in Al Ahli Anglican Hospital and the people who were seeking sanctuary and protection. There are no winners in war: so often, it is innocent people who are maimed and killed.”

      The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a wound that has continued to fester. Various diplomatic efforts to find a solution have failed because of the unwillingness to honour international agreements. Violence will never be a solution.

      Bishop Steve Lowe, President of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops’ Conference, said: “As Bishops, we endorse the work of those groups and institutions in Israel and Palestine who work for peace, justice, and reconciliation. Such work recognises our common humanity. This is the path that we advocate for peace in the Holy Land.”

      The Bishops jointly ask: “Our government and diplomatic authorities to advocate for an immediate ceasefire and the opening and ongoing safeguarding of humanitarian corridors.

      “In this very emotional time, we cannot let anger lead us into anti-Semitism or Islamophobia. Let us remember that there are innocent victims on both sides of the conflict. To our fellow interfaith religious leaders, we ask: let us unite in prayer and action for a lasting peace.

      “To the people of Aotearoa New Zealand: we urge you to pray for peace and to support aid appeals for those impacted by this humanitarian crisis.”

      In Psalm 130 we hear: ‘Out of the depths I cry to you O Lord; hear my voice. O let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleading.’

      “May we too be attentive to those who call out to us from the depths of despair and destruction. May we commit ourselves to being instruments of peace,” the bishops concluded.

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      Health Centre

      Nicky Taylor IBW

      Nicky Taylor
      Health Centre Nurse

      Rachel Trengrove IBW

      Rachel Trengrove
      Health Centre Nurse

      Hay fever (mate hei) – not be sneezed at by anyone

      Hay fever (mate hei) – an inflammation of the lining of the nose and eyes because of an allergy – is common in Aotearoa New Zealand.

      Also known as allergic rhinitis, it is caused when cells in the lining of your nose and eyes come into contact with an allergen, and histamine is released causing inflammation. The most common trigger is grass pollen. However, other allergens can also cause hay fever.

      Listed below are the two types of hay fever, common symptoms, and how to manage and treat your hay fever.

      • Seasonal – Symptoms at certain times of the year, e.g. spring, when wind-borne pollen is prevalent.
      • Perennial – Symptoms at any time, with dust mites and domestic pets the common causes.
      • Symptoms – These can be annoying and may include sneezing, a runny or blocked nose, watery, itchy, red, and puffy eyes, a scratchy throat, blocked, itchy or aching ears, loss of smell, a headache, and lethargy and fatigue.
      • Management – Avoid allergens, if possible.
      • Treatment – Medicines and allergen immunotherapy (AIT)

      If your son suffers from hay fever, medicines to treat and/or help prevent the condition are available from your doctor or pharmacy. These can reduce symptoms and may include antihistamines such as Loratadine or Cetirizine, antihistamine nasal sprays, medicated or non-medicated eye drops, and combination products such as an antihistamine and a decongestant. If your son requires any of these medicines, please ensure that he takes the recommended/prescribed dose for the best results.

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          Latest News & Events

          2023 03 round square conference kenya

          On safari at the Round Square International conference

          Year 13 students Jack McKeown and Tom Foster have shared a remarkable journey to Kenya to attend the 55th annual Round Square International conference in Nairobi and embark on a safari to Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Park.

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          By the numbers – College counts student success

          Multiple achievements in Mathematics have all added up to an outstanding year for Christ’s College students from Year 9 to Year 13.

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          2023 02 whaka race mtb

          Marathon ride by George Rookes

          Standout cyclist George Rookes has taken on his biggest challenge, competing in the Whaka 100 race in Rotorua at Labour Weekend.

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          2023 09 sedley wells

          National noteworthy achievement by Ryan Gu

          Exceptional Christ’s College pianist Ryan Gu has been selected as a semi-finalist for the prestigious 2023 Lewis Eady National Junior Piano Competition in Auckland.

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          Seb Gray Josh Brown

          Seb Gray and Josh Brown team up to ski for NZ

          Star skiers Seb Gray and Josh Brown will line up on international slopes next year, taking on fresh snowfields in France and Canada, respectively, as members of the 2024 New Zealand Alpine Youth Ski Team.

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          2023 06 international chemistry quiz

          All the elements of outstanding chemistry

          The exceptional expertise of Year 12 chemistry students Lester Lai and Angus Whitteker has been recognised with a special invitation and international recognition.

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          Upcoming Events


          Wednesday 1 November, 5–7pmNelson Community Visit
          Tuesday 7 November–Saturday 11 November

          Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr – Christ's College and Rangi Ruru Girls School' Years 9–10 production
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          Tuesday 21 November, 6–8pmWanaka Community Visit
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          Friday 24 November, 12pmChristchurch Long Lunch

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          Sunday 26 November, 7pmAdvent Service with Prep schools Years 9–10, Christ's College Chapel
          Wednesday 29 November, 6pmChristchurch Young Old Boys (YOBs) Event
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          Thursday 30 November, 6-7pm

          Carols on the Quad

          Friday 1 December, 10.30–11.30am

          Year 13 Boarding Parents' Brunch, Dining Hall
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          Friday 1 December, 1–3pm

          Years 9–13 Prize-giving, Christchurch Town Hall
          Friday 1 December, 4–5pmYear 13 Leavers' Chapel Service, Christ's College Chapel
          Saturday 2 December, 7.30–11pmYear 13 Leavers' Ball, Air Force Museum
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          IBW Carols on the Quad 2023


          Staff Chris Sellars

          Chris Sellars
          Careers Advisor

          Upcoming careers dates

          OctoberHalls and scholarship offers made
          OctoberUniversity of Auckland, applications to study open
          OctoberUC applications to enrol open
          DecemberStudyLink applications due
          10 DecemberUniversity of Otago and UC enrolments due
          10 DecemberUniversity of Auckland applications to study close
          JanuaryFormal offers of places to universities

          Christ's College CareerWise

          The Christ’s College careers website, CareerWise, is a rich source of information about all things related to career information. You can subscribe here.

            School Leavers' Tool Kit

            For information on financial support for tertiary education, moving out of home, taking care of yourself and others or getting a job, please click here.

            Exam preparation

            Discover the NCEA resources to help attain the best grades and prepare for upcoming internals and externals.

            College Diploma – Year 11

            College will hold a six-day, career-focused programme for Year 11 students in the last two weeks of Term 4. It will include visits to Lincoln University, Ara, and the University of Canterbury, along with industry site visits and guest speakers at College. It is a great way to end the Diploma programme, in readiness for Year 12.

            Health Sciences/Biomed

            MoneyHub has published a new guide to help students attending the University of Auckland or University of Otago, who plan to study Health Sciences or Biomed.

            Parents as passengers on their teen’s career journey

            Understand the career process so that you can successfully guide your teenager through the exploration process.

            A money guide for students

            MoneyHub has published a money guide to provide students with the tools and information so that they can develop a great relationship with money.

            Student Jobs Guide

            For those looking for a summer job, MoneyHub has produced a Student Jobs Guide, with tips on how to make an application and where to look for work.

            Mainfreight – summer work experience programme

            Mainfreight offers a paid, summer work experience programme for people seeking practical skills and opportunities. This can lead to a new career and may suit those studying Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Mathematics, or Statistics. For more information, go to the Mainfreight website to apply.

            You can also check out the following:


            Learn more about apprenticeships here.

            What Employers Want – Know Where Your Qualification Fits on the NZ Qualifications Framework

            MoneyHub has published a detailed guide to help you maximise your career potential with a clear understanding of the NZ Qualifications Framework (NZQF). The guide takes students through the NZQF levels, their implications, and how they relate to career progression.

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            From the Archives

            Jane Teal

            Filling the gaps about Prefects

            The Christ’s College 1850–1950 List provides a comprehensive list of Prefects, beginning in 1866 with Thomas De Renzy Condell (123), Walter Harper (56), George Newman Wilmer (124), and Gerald Samuel Harper (78). Then there is a gap until 1879, when another list is available, and a further gap until 1883, when this photograph appears.

              Back row from left: Walter Herbert Hargreaves (629)*, George Edward Rhodes (791)*, Arthur Paul Harper (877)*, Frederick John Millton (819), Reginald Fortescue Cook (913)*.
              Sitting from left: George Harris (903)#, William Bedell Stanford (1075), Thomas Forsaith Macdonald (863)*.
              Front from left: Edward Rogers Webb (722)*, Charles Coleridge Harper (959)*, Arthur Gladstone Cox (887)**.

              # appointed 1880
              ** appointed 1881
              *appointed 1882

              Based on the appointment dates, once appointed, a boy retained that position until he left College.

              Is there any family information that can fill in the gaps? Perhaps there is a clue in family papers about the names of the Prefects between 1867 and 1878? It would be even better if there was a photograph, either of an individual or of a group.

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